Roads closed, man found dead in the Avenues after smoking meth

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Officials are asking drivers to find an alternate route after a man was found dead in the street after smoking meth in the Avenues early Tuesday morning.

Police said the 34-year-old man and his girlfriend were smoking meth when the man got out of the car and the girlfriend later found him unresponsive.

Authorities have closed Chandler Dr. at 1180 E. at this time.

Police said the death is not suspicious and there are no signs of foul play.



    Why would anyone want to screw up a perfectly good brain with meth? It can’t possibly be good for your long term health.

  • Brittany

    Funny how your report differs in facts from the others and how it makes him sound. Super sucks that your report seems more concerned with the traffic than his life. pretty much disgusting especially considering this man was one of the greatest people Ive ever met, he deserves much more than what has or may have happened and way more than you are making it sound.


      A man “found dead in the street after smoking meth” was one of the greatest people you’ve ever met Brittany? Great men don’t get addicted to meth Brittany.

  • Lee

    My son was found dead Tuesday, I just want to express the need for all of us to reach out to those with addictions, and try to help! Good people are involved in bad addictions, and they all need our help. RIP My son Robby Carpenter, now free of earthly demons, and free to fly with the eagles. We love and miss you deeply.

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