BYU football starter charged with rioting, assault

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PROVO, Utah - A Brigham Young University football player is facing charges for rioting and assault.

The charges against starting defensive back Michael Davis stem from a dispute over a parking spot July 29 at Old Mill Apartments in Provo.

The junior from Glendale, California, is expected in court Oct. 1.

BYU has not commented on the situation at this time.

School officials have not said what this means for BYU's game against Nebraska Sept. 5. or the first home game where the team will meet Boise State Sept. 12.


  • Duane Jorgensen

    Coach Mendenhall will discuss these criminal acts, including the Memphis game, after the Nebraska game!?

  • Richard

    When will these young men learn that they are in the limelight almost 24/7? They have agreed to conduct their lives in a certain way & yet they screw up without thinking at the time, of the consequences their actions may cause. Now Davis faces certain legal charges, maybe more discipline from BYU, & from the football team through Bronco. He has let his teammates down, BYU down, & all of Cougar Nation! When key players make mistakes off the field it makes it so much harder for BYU to suceed as a Independent with the tough schedule they face this year & into the future. Hopefully Davis will get his act together and whatever happens, may in the end make him a man not a kid who acts without thinking!

  • Duane Jorgensen

    BYU is the new “independent orphan!” Even Notre Dame is going to have a foundation conference to belong to. Utah is very comfortable in the PAC-12 and Utah State is now competing with Boise State for a spot in the “Big Six” bowl games. BYU is left with bragging rites of getting additional revenue from ESPN? With Boise State and Utah State competing with each other for that sixth spot in the Fiesta Bowl, why would BYU even be welcome back into the Mountain West Conference?

    • Zach

      I’m curious, which article did you think you were commenting on? Because you clearly have no idea what this one is about.

  • James Hanzelka

    Coach Mendenhall is waiting until after the miraculous redemption at the prison for all the miscreants. Then he can not suspend them because they have been redeemed.

  • Jonas

    Universities should drop athletics and focus on academics and programs for people to get real jobs. Professional sports can their minor leagues which they can manage and pay for without tax payer money.

  • Mark

    The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they do turn. In this country, defendants are innocent until proven guilty. If Mr. Davis pleads guilty, he will certainly see disciplinary action taken against him. If he does not, then a legal dispute may delay any disciplinary action. And that is as it should be.

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