Former Provo High School teacher sentenced for sexually abusing student

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PROVO, Utah – A man was sentenced for sexually abusing a student while he was a teacher at Provo High School.

Donald Nelson Bills was sentenced to three years to life in prison on Monday.

In July, Donald Nelson Bills pleaded guilty to the following charges: attempted forcible sodomy, attempted object rape, forcible sexual abuse as a second-degree felony, tampering with a witness as a third-degree felony, and obstructing justice as a second-degree felony.

Bills was arrested in January of 2014 after the principal at Provo High School, where Nelson taught several medical science classes, received a tip about the activity.


  • Bob

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    His victim is still being harassed by the community, most likely because Bills was an upstanding member of her local bishopric. Not just a teacher, but a trusted member of her religious community. Yet SHE is being blamed. How disgusting can mor(m)ons get???

    From another site’s much more comprehensive reporting:

    “”He told me over and over again it was my fault,” she said. “I was in such a dark place. I remained silent so that way, the only person who would get hurt was me.”

    The victim said she felt Bills exercised his position of trust over her, and his position in the bishopric of a local LDS church ward, to justify his actions.

    “Going through this hell has shaken my testimony,” she said.

    The victim said she is afraid to drive in Provo, and has had her car egged and vandalized several times when she goes home to Provo.

    Taylor said at sentencing that Bills has a non-existent criminal history and therefore could be recommended for concurrent sentencing rather than consecutive. However, based on the extreme nature of the charges, Taylor felt the maximum penalty was just.

    “He still thinks of the event as when it was discovered, not when it occurred,” Taylor said.

    “I see you for what you truly are, a monster,” the victim said. “I will be dealing with this for the rest of my life. You had no right.””


  • Bob

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    Probably because he was a good, upstanding member of the local bishopric. Not just a teacher but in a position of trust with the local cult’s clergy. Fox 13 is doing shoddy reporting, but if you check out Herald Extra’s story, the victim testified she’s STILL being harassed in Provo. I read on the Trib’s comment section that there is a petition going around to try to get his sentence reduced/overturned. It’s been signed by teachers at Provo High. How safe are parents supposed to feel sending their kids to a school where the teaching staff thinks that a convicted and admitted child $ex offender is being treated TOO harshly?


  • Bob

    How much do they pay you Fox 13 mods to sell your souls and cover up stories of $ex @buse within the church? What’s your MO for burying them under pointless drivel to further victimize children?

  • Bob

    Don’t worry, I’ll keep posting. If you remove this comment section, I’ll hit up other stories and your FB page. I’m screen shotting everything you’re removing, too. I write for a national publication, and I’m stoked to expose the biased, theocracy-owned local news outlets for precisely what they are. Namaste.

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