Hordes of the ‘undead’ invade Salt Lake City to help feed those in need

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SALT LAKE CITY – The “undead” invaded downtown Salt Lake City Sunday afternoon as hundreds of people participated in the eighth annual SLC Zombie Walk, which benefits the Utah Food Bank.

Attendees who dressed up as a zombie and donated a grocery sack of food were able to secure a free pass to Salt Lake Comic Con, which is a sponsor of this year’s event.

Bryan Brandenburg, Chief Marketing Officer for Salt Lake Comic Con, said the event merges cosplay fun with a charitable cause.

“It’s a really a fun event where people can role play and cosplay like they do at Comic Con, but this time very specifically focused on the zombie world,” he said.

Brandenburg says he's glad to be able to make a difference in the community and help feed those in need.

According to a press release from Salt Lake Comic Con, this is the third year they’ve partnered with the SLC Zombie Walk, and in that time more than 150,000 fans have donated “more than two busloads of food to the Utah Food Bank.”

For more about the Utah Food Bank and the ways you can help feed the hungry in Utah, click here. 

Salt Lake Comic Con takes place toward the end of September, visit their website for details.


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