Utes respond to ‘cupcake’ remark in Popular Mechanics calendar

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The University of Utah football team kicks off the season a week from Thursday when the host Michigan at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

The Utes have some extra motivation, but it didn’t come from the Wolverines.  In the latest edition of Popular Mechanics, the magazine’s monthly calendar put this on the calendar on September third.  “College football season gets underway tonight with the University of Michigan in a cupcake game against Utah.”

The Utes already have the quote up on their bulletin board.

“Our team is always juiced no matter what,” said Utah senior wide receiver Kenneth Scott.  “So, with that little thing that they put in our locker room about us being a cupcake game it definitely puts more intensity into the game, just because of that little statement that was made.  And plus we’re always trying to prove everybody wrong, because everyone sees us as the underdog, so we always have the chip on our shoulder.”

“There’s no problem getting up for Michigan,” said Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham.  “This game has had our attention since way back in late December of the last year.  Our players are excited about it.  It’s a great opportunity and it will draw a lot of national attention.”


  • Friendly Someone

    Wow that is a huge oversight by Popular Mechanics. I guess the science nerd intern they put in charge of the calendar doesn’t follow college football (note: I am a science nerd that does follow football so it is okay if I call someone else a science nerd). If they did they would realize that this “cupcake” easily beat Michigan at Michigan last year. I am a BYU fan, but Utah is no cupcake. Silly popular mechanics.

  • Irish Luck

    I live in Indiana, and that’s just how Utah is perceived out here. Nobody really knows much about the program.

    • Tristan Blaze

      Most people across he nation don’t know much about Utah. However, that’s not the case at the University of Michigan. We know that Utah beat Michigan last season and has beaten Stanford & UCLA the last 2 seasons. Even if Michigan was the favorite in the upcoming game, and Utah was unranked, Michigan would still be working hard to prepare for opening road game. It would still be a dangerous game for Michigan. However, Michigan is ranked 64th in the nation, and Utah is a top 25 program. Some of the Utah players need to stop twisting things around. Michigan is the underdog, not Utah.

      As for Michigan getting greater media coverage, Utah might as well get used to that. Michigan football will always receive greater national media coverage, negative as well as positive, than a more obscure program like Utah. Michigan is a legendary football program with an elite pedigree. So it’s naturally going to garner greater media attention than most other college football programs. Of course, that’s also the primary reason that this is a bigger game than usual for Utah in which the Utes will don special helmets. The truth is that Utah is receiving greater media attention as well because it’s playing Michigan.

  • NickeNitro

    Feeling slighted about this is the dumbest thing ever. I mean, some of these players are seriously really angry about a comments in a calendar in the newstand edition of Popular Mechanics that was obviously written by someone who didn’t give it any thought and just used comments from a previous year’s calendar as a template?

    How is it even possible for that to generate any emotion other than amusement? There’s not even an actual human thought behind it — it’s like getting upset about what a completed Mad Libs says. What a bunch of numskulls.

  • Brandon Pike

    Sad thing is if Michigan didn’t hire Harbaugh then “College football season gets underway tonight with the University of Utah in a cupcake game against Michigan” would have been a fair claim.

    • Tristan Blaze

      In case you haven’t figured it out, the idiot at Popular Mechanics that wrote that comment knows absolutely nothing about college football. Apparently, he doesn’t know that Michigan is ranked 64th in the nation by one preseason poll, while Utah is a top 25 team. So it’s ridiculous for some Utah players to get riled over such a stupid comment on a stupid calendar.

      Utah already has every motivation in the world to beat Michigan. No team in this country has a problem getting motivated to beat Michigan, a legendary football program with an elite pedigree. Even Kyle Whittingham has a personal stake in this game. He applied for the vacant head coaching position that Jim Harbaugh got. Whittingham is a very good coach, but Harbaugh was Michigan’s top choice from the start.

  • Tristan Blaze

    Please, Utah has every motivation in the world to beat a legendary football program with the stature of Michigan without this stupid article from Popular Mechanics. If Utah wants more respect, it will have to do much more than beat the 64th-ranked team in the nation at home. Michigan is the underdog, not Utah. The Utes need to make more noise in the PAC-12. Also Kyle Whittingham alone has all the motivation in the world to beat Michigan, since he applied for the vacant spot at UMich that Jim Harbaugh filled. Whittingham is a very good coach, but Harbaugh was Michigan’s top choice from the start. Most of the hype in the media surrounding Michigan involves Harbaugh and Nike.

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