FOUND: 10-year-old boy missing in high Uintas has been found alive, safe

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UINTAH COUNTY, Utah - Officials said the 10-year-old boy who went missing in the high Uintas has been found alive.

Officials said 10-year-old Malachi Bradley went missing in the high Uintas in the vicinity of the Paradise Park Campground and was gone for more than 24 hours.

Crews said Bradley got lost and tried to find his way back but couldn't so he toughed out the night in his jacket.

K9 crews sniffed out the boy Monday afternoon just before 3 p.m.

He has been flown off the mountain and is back with family.

Missing Malachi Bradley poster

The Facebook page “Malachi Bradley Rescue Effort” posted a photo of the child and updates on efforts to coordinate volunteers for a search.

A post on the Facebook page states that volunteers are no longer being allowed to go out in search teams as of Sunday night, but that there could be more search teams allowed out in the future.


  • Bob

    Good deal. Now the parents need to be charged with neglect and child endangerment for losing him in the first place. It’s disgusting how many horrible things happen to kids due to their parent’s negligence, and parents are almost never held accountable. Kids getting run over in driveways, cooked in hot cars, lost in the wilderness. If you did these things to a neighbor’s child, you’d be in prison. But if the kid’s your own, you can abuse, neglect, maim and even kill with virtual impunity. This story had a happy ending, many don’t. Many result in corpses or children never being seen again. These parents need to be sentenced to some kind of parenting classes or something at the very least. They should also foot the bill for the search and rescue efforts. If their kid had been unsupervised and lit the forest on fire, they sure would have had to pay. Watch your kids!!

      • Bob

        Calling for parents to be held accountable for the welfare of their children is “dramatic”? So if some stranger kills your kid or lets them die, you’ll be okay with it and see prosecution as a dramatic turn of events?

      • Beth

        BOB your retort to being called dramatic is hilarious because it too is dramatic lol. No one died here it’s a happy ending, not all stories like this have a happy ending enjoy it. I agree with Ted, relax.

      • Vic

        BOB do some investigation before posting such a ridiculous comment, another site with this story states “The 10-year-old was camping with his family near Paul Lake in the remote mountains 200 miles east of Salt Lake City when, he says, he set out Sunday to gather mushrooms and got lost.” the parents weren’t neglectful, he left his family on his own accord and got lost. Quit making this into something it isn’t. Drama queen indeed.

  • fsd

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  • Terry W

    I joined the search for Garrett Bardsley in similar circumstances in 2004, sadly not such a happy ending. Just a couple of things; I was an experienced (not so active now) hiker and knew how to navigate with a compass and map and still found it easy to get turned up around and lose my bearings up in the Uintas however I knew to trust my instruments and not my sense of direction. For anyone, especially a young boy it is so easy to mistakenly think you are going in the right direction and wonder off. I have my kids carry a whistle while in the wilds and I have instructed them if they get lost, stop stand still and blow the whistle. Remain where they are until help arrives. I am very happy for family but I wish this simple and low tech precaution was more widely practiced. In remembrance, my thoughts are with the Bardsley’s at this time.

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