Father’s reaction when son chooses doll at store goes viral

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CALIFORNIA — A video a California father posted to Facebook is going viral and flooding the internet with exclamations of acceptance.

Mikki Willis posted this video in which he explains he went to the store with his son to exchange one of his birthday presents for a toy he didn’t already own.

His son chose a Little Mermaid barbie doll.

“Now how do you think a dad feels when his son wants to get this?”

“YEAH!” Willis and his son yelled in approval.

“Choose your expression, choose what you’re into, choose your sexuality, choose whatever,” Willis said.

He finished the video by saying he promises his sons that he will love and accept them no matter what.

The video was posted Aug. 21 and has more than 9 million views.

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  • Ashlix

    I was expecting him to say, “I really wanted him to get the Elsa doll, but he went vintage. I love him for his choices anyway.”

  • Cornelius

    Stop bringing things up that have nothing to do with each other! Just because he chose a barbie doll doesn’t mean that he’s going to be attracted to men in his life. Boys can like pink, glitter, dolls, etc. and still be completely straight. By bringing that up based on that decision you are connecting the choice of what toys he wants to who he should love. You pretend to be accepting, but really you’re just forcing a young boy to consider things that shouldn’t even be on his radar at this point of his life. This father’s comments are premature and irresponsible. If he were truly accepting of his son he would say, “Boys can like little mermaid dolls. There’s nothing wrong with that.” Stop bringing up gender attraction when it’s not even related to the situation!

    • miles (dave)

      your right the toy selection dose not directly reflect his sexual preferences. however most people would make the connection falsely so instead of declaring the father irresponsible and not accepting its better to focus on his declaration to love his children no matter what, which is best.

      • Cornelius

        The point is not to say the father doesn’t love his children. His declaration that he will love them no matter what is certainly admirable. However, by making those comments at that exact time he is, perhaps inadvertently, tying that choice in toys to a pre-determined group. He is pushing his son in that direction by assuming that a toy choice signifies that his son leans a certain direction.

  • A mouthful

    Maybe he thinks the little mermaid is cute. When I was a little girl , I didn’t want to play with Barbie. I wanted G.I joes. They are the strong handsome man I wanted in my fairy tale. 😘

  • Pedro

    How old is that kid…..6? This strange father is telling his kid he can “choose his sexuality.” What a bizarre video and statement. This father is probably going to get an “ESPY” award for courage next year.

    • imutau

      Agreed. At that age I be the kid doesn’t even get what his dad is saying at all. It’s more his Dad trying to get some hits on FB. Why profess it to the WWW when it is much easier to just tell his children this?

  • ewetah

    Yeah, and you can keep those weirdos right there in California!!! What a CROCK of crap. He should be setting an example for those BOYS on how to be MEN. Instead he is letting them “choose” to be a homo? Oh, wait, did you catch the names of those two BOYS? Yeah….I did too. So basically what he is doing pretty much fits his naming those poor boys those ridiculous names in the first place. Californians should NEVER be allowed to leave California. In few generations, genetics will cleanse them like bleach from a bottle.


    The very last thing in the world small boys are interested in is their sexual orientation. Obvioulsy T and SD just don’t get it.

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