10-year-old boy missing after hike in High Uintas

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Photo courtesy 'Malachi Bradley Rescue Effort' via Facebook.

UINTAH COUNTY, Utah — Crews are searching for a 10-year-old boy who went missing while hiking in the High Uintas Sunday morning.

Supporters on social media are spreading the word because officials aren’t allowing volunteer search teams out for the “foreseeable future.”

Officials said 10-year-old Malachi Bradley went missing in the High Uintas in the vicinity of the Paradise Park Campground.

The Facebook page “Malachi Bradley Rescue Effort” posted a photo of the child and updates on efforts to coordinate volunteers for a search.

Uintah County Dispatch officials confirmed to FOX 13 News search and rescue crews were out on some sort of incident but declined to provide any further details.

The child went missing around 10:30 a.m.

A post on the Facebook page states that volunteers are no longer being allowed to go out in search teams as of Sunday night, but that there could be more search teams allowed out in the future.


  • bob

    PERMISSION TO SEARCH? Explain that, government. The public land is open to hikers. Are you saying you’ve CLOSED it? Or are you saying hikers aren’t allowed to look around for the kid?

    How dare they tell us we can’t access OUR public land.

    • Parker

      You’re more concerned about your little hiking trip than a 10 year old boys life1??!??! What the hell is wrong with you? You can’t be just the least bit patient till they find this kid? This is the NEXT GENERATION you’re disregarding the LIFE OF a little hiking trip? You’re what’s wrong with today in age, this kid has a FAMILY, you know, people who actually care about him, and you’re ranting on about how you can’t access the land that he’s lost on? Shame on you, sir. Shame on you.


        If you’d read the story before doing a lot of puffing you’d understand that the AUTHORITIES aren’t “aren’t allowing further volunteer search teams”. What part of what Bob said did he get wrong Parker?

      • bob

        The only point is on top of your head.

        MY point is they have no right to tell people they’re not allowed to look for a missing child.

        I looked for Elizabeth Smart too, and wasn’t part of the “official” search. They told us not to. I went anyway. Are YOU getting off YOUR amble backside, Parker? I doubt it, internet warrior.

    • laytonian

      Can you people PLEASE grow up?
      BOB – the reason they didn’t want “help” last night is because (1) it was dark, (2) it is rough terrain and (3) they were going to use infrared sensors. Throw a lot of amateurs out there in the dark and they’d be rescuing half of them.
      AS FOR SEARCHING FOR ELIZABETH SMART: how come none of you searchers went up the ravine where she was being held? Too hard? She could hear YOU call for her, you know. Two young men saw Mitchell down near a road but their report wasn’t believed.
      Have volunteer searchers of the Utah “punch and cookie” ever found anyone? Have fliers posted all over ever found anyone (Ms Smart walked right past them posted on the door at Whole Foods).
      The legitimate searchers are working their butts off. Don’t make their work harder!

      • JayDub

        Have Utah volunteers ever found anyone? The answer is YES. Look it up but Brennan Hawkins will get you headed in the right direction.

      • bob

        Laytonian: Don’t think I haven’t agonized over being that close, and armed as I was with a .45 automatic. It tortured me. My solution was to adopt two girls who were living in a hellish situation overseas.

        What did YOU do?

      • bob

        Elizabeth Smart was identified by CIVILIANS, who were aware of who she was thanks to CIVILIAN efforts of the sort you ridicule.

        Your worship of all things “government” is quite clear.

  • Bob

    Maybe hikers or scouts should stay within 5 ft of each other so no one goes wondering off lost or tie ropes to each other.

    • Parker

      Now, listen “ANOTHERBOB” He was complaining that he couldn’t go hiking with his family. Not that he can’t go searching for the boy, and to be honest it should be professionals looking for him and not random adults. What if the adult that would have found him turned out to be a child kidnapper? Molester? Maybe even a cannibal? We can’t know these things, it’s only the safe thing to let professionals search and not random people.

    • We the people

      So glad this child was found safe!! And that’s what we all think your screen name should be BOB , aka Troll.

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