Watch the Foo Fighters ‘Rick Roll’ protesters from Westboro Baptist Church

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Foo Fighters decided to have some fun in response to protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church who had targeted the band’s concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City Friday.

As the video above shows, band members rolled up in front of the protesters in the back of a pickup truck while blasting the ’80s classic “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. For those lucky enough to have made it through the last decade without being  “Rick Rolled”, the song gained Internet fame as a prank, where users employed various methods to trick other users into clicking on/watching the music video without meaning to.

Band members sang and danced as a crowd formed, and they held signs like “Keep it Clean” and “You Got Rick Roll’d Again.” FOX 31 in Denver reports this is the second time the Foo Fighters have had fun with protesters from Westboro Baptist Church while playing in Kansas City, as they played another impromptu show in 2011.


    • Finny Wiggen

      And your bias is on full display. You form a bias about a people. When the reality of who they actually are doesn’t fit within your narrow self-created definition, you accuse them of being the ones who are going contrary to their values, rather than realizing that it is yourself that is the fool.

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