Congressman Rob Bishop discusses EPA, mine waste spill and 2016 presidential race

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Congressman Rob Bishop is a Republican representing Utah's First Congressional District, and this week he stopped by the FOX 13 News Studio to discuss current events, including the mine waste spill triggered by an EPA crew as well as the 2016 presidential race. See the video above for the congressman's comments.


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  • M

    Congressman Bishop …..Trump is a good thing, I hope he scares the GOP racehorses to death.
    Do something to get rid of the EPA, IRS, Obamacare etc etc etc and replace with common sense solutions.
    Stand up for the people of America not to the lobbyists and special interest groups you are beholding too! The prison decision is totally stupid…..fight for us to get it somewhere that wants it.
    How about getting the lawyers out of government and use the death penalty to be carried out within a year of sentencing ….that would save a lot of money. Rehabilitation costs too much ….put the money into to children and families with required earned education programs to build respect for law enforcement and anti crime education instead of common core. Could go on and on……But do something you Republicans to make America Great again!

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