TV reporter makes boy cry when she asks about his mom, first day of school

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LOS ANGELES – A reporter at KTLA made a 4-year-old boy cry when she asked him about his first day of pre-kindergarten.

Andrew Macias, 4, answered a few questions as he made his way into school on Tuesday. When Courtney Friel asked Andrew if he would miss his mom during his first day at City Terrace Elementary School, the young man firmly said “No,” then paused a second and began to tear up.

A few seconds later, Andrew’s mom gave him a hug off camera. A short time later, he walked into school for his first day.

We feel you, Andrew. Moms are the best.


  • ladycrystalina

    Don’t go to school little man! It’s a trap! No, seriously, don’t. You’re too young, public school is just free daycare, and the system wants you to be a sheep. Homeschool FTW.

  • Deana

    I am here to tell you, as a Pre-K teacher, you do NOT want to remind a kid on his first day of school that his mom will not be there with him all day. Some kids are just fine, “See ya, Mom,” while Mom is the one blubbering about having to leave her baby. Others, though, find it harder to let Mom go. We always tell our parents the best thing is to just kiss and hug them, tell them “I will see you after school,” and walk away, even if the kids cry and reach for them. Nine times out of ten, the child settles down quickly once Mom is gone. For those who continue to cry, we continue to show love and sympathy while continuing with our day. They have a lot to learn — how to walk in line, how to work and play well with others, how to follow the rules, how to manage in the cafeteria — that first few weeks. Sometimes they will get to lunch and realize, “I’m still here,” and start up again, and about 2 weeks into the year some realize “I have to do this every day?” and they start up again, but even that is usually short-lived. That said, I had one little fellow one year who had never been away from Mom or Grandma, and he never wanted to go anywhere away from our classroom. He was afraid his mom would come and couldn’t find him. He didn’t want us to close the classroom door. He was afraid we would not let his mom in. He slept at rest time in front of the classroom door. This went on until mid-year (after Christmas, when many of them take a maturity spurt), and then he was fine.

  • gh

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  • Mimi

    Poor little guy. Probably not the best question to ask a kid before his first day of school but I bet she felt bad afterwards. As a kid, when my mom would come in to volunteer in Kindergarten and would leave I would cry every time.

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