Mother upset after store refused to print her breastfeeding pictures

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DOVER, NH – A New Hampshire mom is speaking out for her right to breastfeed in public after a Walmart employee refused to develop photos of her doing just that, citing company policy.

For some, breast-feeding in public in is an extremely sensitive subject.

She posed in photos for the Big Latch On, a public breastfeeding event held in Dover as part of National Breastfeeding Awareness Week.

But when the photographer went to the Somersworth Walmart to get those photos developed, an employee took them from her.

Iris’s reaction?

“They were special pictures that I had taken by a great photographer to celebrate my journey through breast-feeding,” mother Iris Litteiro said.

Photographer Jennifer Luna had developed pictures them many times before, never expecting the employee’s reaction.

“He told me repeatedly it doesn’t matter the reasoning, It’s against company policy,” photographer Jennifer Luna said.

Litteiro said it wasn’t just for the events and for breastfeeding week, it was personal.

They were pictures to show her daughter when she grew up.

“I honestly am shocked by it. I mean, they were photos taken for me and to remember my journey,” Litteiro said.

All Iris said she wanted to do was celebrate the end of this chapter in her life, this particular bond with her daughter.

But now she said she hopes this might open some eyes in a positive way.

“I just hope that we can become more accepting and open to breastfeeding in public,” Litteiro said.

Another reason to have the photos taken? Litteiro said her goal was to nurse for six weeks.

Since she had made it to 14 months, she wanted to celebrate the family’s accomplishment.

Walmart says they have since apologized.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Video below shows mother’s breastfeeding pictures. 


  • 610user

    Wait, a professional photographer developed pictures at Walmart? No. Just no. No professional photographer would ever willfully develop at Walmart.

    If you’re photos are that precious to you, send them to a reputable lab. Mpix is a good consumer lab. Send them anywhere but Walmart.

  • Howard Winn

    Just as she has the right to breast feed (some carry it way to far) does not mean the photo shop has no right to not print them. If it is their policy she should have gone somewhere that would print them.
    I am glad that someone is standing up the the self-righteous nursing mothers. We used to carry an extra diaper or small blanket to maintain discretion.


      They air these stories Howard to see who’s chains they can jerk. Don’t take this story (or yourself) so seriously.

  • Richard Goodman

    She said that the photos were taken by a professional photographer. Were they copyrighted? Most professional photographers copyright all their photos. If so, then Walmart couldn’t legally print them anyway.

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