Dr. Oz on sleep apnea

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An estimated 18 million Americans have sleep apnea, and a surprising number of them go undiagnosed.

In this clip, Dr. Oz talks about a sleep apnea treatment option that can leave patients more attractive, more alert and more youthful.

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  • curtis holbrook

    to dr, oz I have sleep apnea and was give a c-pap air mec, but I cant use it I choke on the air. the air flow is to high it is too much for me when I just start to fall asleep, all the doctors just over look and say nothing. but this is not the root of my trouble. I have hart rithm; and low ejection fraction my eco reading has been as low as under 20 per, cent. I worked on my own and got it up to 44 per cent, buy running indoor, but continue to lose ground on getting in shape. how and ware can I get good help. I had some careless doctors, please help. if you can here my story, I can fine the right help, to live with out fear of falling over died, Its called- (sudden death) ball players and runners can have this. like Jim fix who wrote those grate running books.

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