Authorities investigating after man found dead in Magna street

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MAGNA, Utah - Authorities are investigating after a man was found dead in the street at about 3 a.m. in Magna.

26-year-old Stevan R. Chambers

26-year-old Stevan R. Chambers

Police have identified the victim as 26-year-old Stevan Ryan Chambers, a resident of Magna.

Officials said an anonymous person called 911 and alerted them to the man's body near 2880 S. 9100 W.

"We're in the process now of canvassing the neighborhood seeing if anybody heard or saw anything," Unified Police Lt. Ken Hansen said. "We're also following up and kind of going backwards on that phone call  to see if we can find and locate that person and see if they can give us any more connection to you know why they know that there's a body out in the middle of the street."

At least one neighbor told police they heard gunshots at about 2 a.m.

Lt. Lex Bell said he doesn't believe the shooting is gang-related but he said drugs may have been a factor.

Authorities don't have anyone in custody and don't have any suspects at this time.

Police are investigating this as a homicide.

Officers said they would like to speak with anyone who might have information at (801) 743-7000.


  • Doug Last

    Interesting that the authorities assume that it was not gang related but that drugs were involved; I guess because it was Magna……. If the incident occurred in SLC; then would that be “gang related?” Let’s not forget that our newly nominated Utah State District Attorney, is from Magna.

  • Doug Last

    Is it the “News” or the Police that make this investigation sound like a joke……..? “The authorities do not know if the murders are related….” hmmm, YES. They were friends. They were both killed within a 3 day span. They were both murdered within a 3 block radius….. C’mon! Of course they are related! Rumor has it that she was making comments as to her knowledge of who shot this guy…. 2 days later she is dead. Get the old guys out from behind the desk and put the rookie cops behind a clip board so they can take notes. Someone saw something. Someone knows something. Quit messing around and bust somebody already!


      The police are working on it Doug. They’ll arrest someone when they have enough information to obtain a warrant, and not a minute sooner..

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