Utah Gov. tells state agencies to stop serving as intermediary for federal funds to Planned Parenthood

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah Gov. Gary Herbert announced Friday that the recent accusations regarding Planned Parenthood are troubling, and as such he has instructed state agencies to stop acting as an intermediary for pass-through federal funds to Planned Parenthood.

Officials with the Governor's Office tell FOX 13 News the move does not mean Planned Parenthood will not be able to receive those federal funds, just that the Utah Department of Health will no longer act as a pass through. They said it is up to Planned Parenthood to figure out how to secure those funds going forward.

Saturday, Herbert elaborated on the statement, speaking to FOX 13 News' Ben Winslow while at the Utah Republican Party State Convention.

"I think the emotional aspect of it, it's probably good for the state to get out of being the pass-through mechanism," he said. "If they want to engage with the federal government directly and get their money, I think that's fine."

Herbert blamed other Planned Parenthood groups that had been selling fetal tissue, even though Utah's Planned Parenthood has not been doing so.

The full text of the statement from Herbert issued Friday is reproduced below:

“The allegations against Planned Parenthood are deeply troubling. Current Utah state law prohibits the use of state funds to provide abortions by Planned Parenthood or any other organization. The federal government has provided grants to Planned Parenthood, distributed through the Utah Department of Health. These funds are also prohibited from being used to perform abortions. In light of ongoing concerns about the organization, I have instructed state agencies to cease acting as an intermediary for pass-through federal funds to Planned Parenthood.”

The email from the Governor's Office also states: "Other state and local agencies and nonprofits will continue to provide STD education and prevention programs."

FOX 13 News will have more information as it becomes available.


    • Jenny

      The world’s contempt is for Planned Parenthood and their participation in a black market for butchered babies. Utah is not the first state to withdraw funding. You’re the only one looking out of touch and uninformed.

    • Finny Wiggen

      I am Mormon. I have never felt that the world holds us is in contempt. No wondered at something so absurd. I am going to go ahead and say that that is only in your own mind.


      There was a time Edwin, long ago before your light went out, that you were an active member of the LDS Church. You are not the first person to apostatize, and you won’t be the last. Judas was once a valiant apostle before he apostatized and betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silverl


      Some of the same people who were all upset about pig wrestling don’t bat an eye when unborn babies with beating hearts are terminated.

      • bob

        Don’t sugarcoat it. For a price they will deliver an INTACT baby with a beating heart and kill it on the table.

        That’s not “abortion.” And it’s illegal.


      The world holds everybody in contempt that believe in chastity, traditional families, and in abstinence from the sacraments of marriage until they are legally and lawfully married.

      No, Mr. Firmage, members of the LDS Church don’t wonder why you hold them in contempt.

  • Destiny Bradford

    Yes! This is epic! Kudos to the Governor for not standing by while babies rights are being violated! I’m sorry but the argument that a life is any less of a life because it isn’t “viable” or wanted is the stupidest argument I have ever heard. When you extrapolate this idea to the fullest you have what occurred in Nazi Germany during WW2. Also science proves this is another human that can feel, has a complete different set of DNA, has an intact nervous and organ system and these children can dream inside the womb, how epic is that? The conscience can’t even handle abortion, any website you look at for the side effects of abortion, depression is always one of them! This is not an attack on women’s care, I’m not trying to shut PP down because they give pregnancy tests, std tests, birth control etc. I’m trying to get them shut down for breaking the law! I want the money to go to clinics that have extensive services for women, including actual prenatal and pediatric care. I’m just not willing to accept the good with the bad with PP

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