Barbershop offering a beverage on tap gets visit from health department

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Since opening their doors near downtown Salt Lake City four years ago, Jed's Barbershop says business has been good.

Business has been so good they decided to open a new location in Sugar House three months ago, but the shop’s owner said the location has one key addition--which brought county officials to his doorstep

“We wanted that old-fashioned feeling of sitting down at a soda bar with your kid, getting a draft root beer or some kind of soda and then going back--dad gets a shave, kid gets a haircut,” Jed Beal said.

In addition to haircuts, Jed’s Barbershop has been serving complimentary root beer in the bottle to customers at their downtown location for the past 4 years. But when they opened a second location in Sugar House three months ago, they changed it up a bit for the sheer fun of it.

“What we really wanted to do was to move to a tap; we thought it would be a better feel,” Beal said.

Beal installed the root beer tap, but he didn't expect his first customer to be the Health Department, telling him he had to shut the tap down.

“When we asked, ‘Why?' The answer was simply, ‘You just can’t,’” Beal told FOX 13 News.

Beal told health officials his other location handed out root beer from a bottle, and that was fine, so he wonders what he needs to do to make the tap work.

“Do I need a food-handler's permit?” He said. “Do I need a door that separates the waiting area from the salon? Do I need to have every person that's working in the back have gloves on? What do I need to do? Just tell me.”

Beal said he never got his answer, but he said he was told to disconnect the keg or else.

“Technically, I could probably get fined and closed down,” he said.

And that’s a blow to the customers, Beal said.

“They love it,” he said. The community loves it. I don’t know why the city doesn’t.”

FOX 13 News reached out to county health officials Friday afternoon, who said there are risks of food borne illness when you're serving beverages to public.

But they said not all beverages carry that inherit risk. They said they will follow up with the shop next week to try to provide more clarity to the owner.


  • Jolie moyes

    just another reason non-Mormons dislike Mormons. I bet you anything the health official is LDS!!! Its freakin root beer dude! Quit trying to run this state like your church. Desperate church and state.

    • bob

      Your hate has clouded your brain. The government of Salt Lake City is run by extreme liberals. Any remaining conservatives among them are few and far between, and barely clinging to their jobs.

      Mormons DO drink root beer, genius.

      This happened because bureaucrats are obsessed with being bureaucrats. This is what they do, in our supposedly “free country.”

  • John

    Lots of tap dancing in this story, pun intended. We all know why it was shut down. it looks like a beer tap. The city does not want kids to see this evil mechanism of sin and lure them into a life of drinking, Maybe they can put a zion curtain in front of it? Maybe a Hello Kitty tap handle? I love this state, just wish we were allowed to be adults here.

    • Trish

      Mo(r)mons demand a perpetual nanny state for two reasons. First, they want to be babysit all the time. Gotta constantly judge and be judged. Second, ridiculous rules such as this generate revenue for the state. Utah is the Sheriff of Nottingham of the US – they will come up with any arbitrary regulation to ensure that they can r@pe the average citizen – particularly those who appear to thwart the theocracy. Then give tax breaks to the local predominant religion over and over again, generally through the works of elected officials (from judges to legislators and everyone in between) who are also members of said religion and who therefore serve their church first and foremost. No man can serve two masters, and this screams conflict of interest.

  • Taylor

    What they should be talking about is all the girls that have worked for Jed and have been sexually harassed. Not to mention his voyeuristic antics he uses his “security” cameras for. The guy is a creep.

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