Two dead after streetcar collides with automobile

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SALT LAKE CITY -- There was a crash Friday evening in South Salt Lake involving a streetcar and an automobile, and police have now confirmed that two people inside the automobile were killed in the crash.

The crash occurred Friday around 6:45 p.m. in the area of 400 East and 2200 South when the streetcar broad-sided a black Audi. There is a stop sign at the intersection in question, but the sequence of events leading to the crash were not immediately clear.

A female driver and male passenger, both believed to be in their 30s, suffered fatal injuries in the crash.

Officials said the streetcar doesn't travel any faster than 20 to 25 mph.

"The S-Line train was eastbound, we had a vehicle that was traveling northbound, a black Audi, it was occupied by two persons--a female driver, male passenger--at this time both are deceased and still in the vehicle," said Sgt. Gary Keller of the South Salt Lake Police Department.

The Utah Transit Authority stated the incident meant a bus bridge has been activated between Central Point and 500 East. Police at the scene said they estimated the line would be closed in the area for some time as authorities investigated. As of about 9 p.m., it was expected the line would be closed for at least four more hours.

FOX 13 News has a crew at the scene of the crash, and we will have more information as it becomes available.


  • Finny Wiggen

    I forgot we even had these street cars. If you took a poll I wonder how many know about them. Why exactly did we waste money on this vanity project? I know federal funds were used, But we have to pay to maintain and run it.

    I live on a main line, and work on a main line. Yet it would cost me three times more to ride trax, than what it costs me to drive. Uta, is so over built, that they can’t offer reasonable fares.

  • DivideByZero

    These UTA light rail trains has one of the worst safety records in the nation. I’ve personally witnessed recently at interactions a few times where the traffic light was green for cars to move through the intersection when suddenly a train came through the cross section. I’m left thinking “no wonder there are so many accidents”.
    I have no idea who’s at fault with this accident, but it seems to me in a city area there should be crossing guards. At any rate my condolences to all the family’s this has affected.


      No, DIVIDEBYZERO, you haven’t witnessed streetcars busting a red light. Maybe in your dreams ….. but not in real life.

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