Tornado warning diverts Denver-bound flight from Germany to Salt Lake City

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SALT LAKE CITY - Nearly 400 passengers coming from Frankfurt, Germany, were stranded at the Salt Lake International Airport overnight.

The Lufthansa flight was originally headed to Denver but high winds and tornado warnings made the trip too dangerous.

Airport officials say these passengers weren't able to fly to their destination overnight because the crew had reached their flying limit and needed a break before they could fly again.

Many of the passengers were grateful for the hospitality and it even worked out better in some cases, like for some who were headed to Idaho.

For passengers still headed to Denver, Lufthansa provided buses to take people back to Colorado, though many said they would try to find different flights or other means of getting home.


  • stranded flyer

    I was on this flight and while this report makes it look like a well resolved situation it was anything but conducted this way. I will give credit to Delta personnel at the airport for providing food and drinks and as much information as they could, they were great to the stranded passengers, but Lufthansa handled this horribly. We sat on the tarmac for 2 hours due to weather, which is fully understandable and the right decision for safety, but then the flight crew went over their flight time. So we were then sent to customs at 8:15 pm to get out of the plane, No update as to what is going to happen with the passengers. 2.5 hours later we finally get our bags and can leave the customs area. Still no Lufthansa personnel informing us what is going on, just the Salt Lake City Airport contract people who said after customs Lufthansa people will help with rebooking outside the customs area or getting back to Denver. So it is now almost 11:00 pm. Rumors from airport personnel say maybe buses? for 400 people? maybe flying the plan to Denver tomorrow? Re-booking on other airlines? They can not confirm what is going to happen and say it is up to Lufthansa to determine that. At about 12:30 am two buses show up and a mad rush to get on occurs. But they take only children traveling alone or families with young kids about 100 people total. Then at about 1:00 am a Lufthansa person finally shows up and address the remaining people who are all still wandering around, they say there will be 2 more buses coming at 4:00 am but will be taking two bike racing groups first. More buses will be arranged the next day sometime or you can find your own way home. This was the worst experience I have ever had with how an airline handles trouble, and I have traveled all over the world for the last 20 years traveling between 75,000 – 100,000 miles per year. Horrible service from Lufthansa on this entire situation!! I finally was able to get a rental car and drive 8 hour home the next day because they could not tell me when I could get to Denver with my family. This is not reflected in the new story but makes it look like it was handled really well. The people they spoke with must not fly much and understand how other airlines handle similar situations.

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