Critically injured teen upgraded to stable condition; alleged shooter in custody

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A 16-year-old boy who was in extremely critical condition after a shooting in Liberty Park Tuesday evening has been upgraded to stable condition Wednesday and is expected to recover, and police said they now have two teen suspects in custody--including the alleged shooter.

Police stated the teen and his girlfriend were at the park when they were approached by three Hispanic male suspects who got into a verbal altercation with the victim that became heated. All of the suspects are teenagers.

One suspect produced a handgun and shot the victim in the chest, and the victim was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

One suspect was apprehended as police were responding to the scene, and later Tuesday night a second suspect was apprehended. Police are still searching for the third suspect but stated Wednesday their investigations have determined the first suspect arrested is the alleged shooter. That individual was booked into juvenile detention on a charge of aggravated assault.

Police stated Wednesday night the victim has been upgraded to stable condition and is expected to recover.

They also stated the weapon used in the shooting has been recovered by detectives.



  • John Wilson

    This was in retaliation for a house that was shot up on the 200 block of Hampton Ave about 2 blocks west of the park that happened on Saturday (for some reason the media chose to not report that story). On Saturday the kids wearing red hats and bandanas were the intended victims, on Tuesday they had become the shooters. Maybe now the police will recognize that in just the past two months there has been a huge surge in gang related crime in the west liberty neighborhood, and now it is getting violent.


      Until judges want to start aggressively enforcing the laws of our land we will continue to see growth in crime like the cancer it is.

  • John Doe

    You should really make sure you know your facts before stating accusations like that especially because what you are saying is not true and they could go back to that house to retaliate.


      What we need is a vermin squad John Doe. Tar and feather the little critters and send them on their way.

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