Balloons ascend in Layton to support family of teen and mother killed in I-15 crash

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LAYTON, Utah -- Hundreds of balloons filled the sky at Layton Park Sunday night in honor of the victims of a deadly crash that occurred earlier in the week.

The Colbree family was stuck in construction traffic on I-15 near Lehi when a Honda rear-ended their minivan just before midnight Tuesday.

Keegan Colbree, 16, and his mother Deeann were killed in the crash. On Sunday, friends, family and neighbors of the Colbree family gathered to show their support.

“It’s amazing that the community all came together to celebrate the joy and love of these two beautiful people,” Neighbor Brooke Zeeman said.

Neighbor Michelle Snarr added, “Keegan worked at Smiths and they were able to secure 200 balloons for us, so we thought that we would write a message on them and send them up.”

The only person who wasn't wearing a seat belt was the driver of the Honda who hit the family’s van. Keegan’s father and the couple's 13-year-old daughter were also in the van, and they both survived.

The driver of the Honda, 59-year-old Dale Orton of Sandy, later died at a hospital.

The crash is being investigated by the Utah Highway Patrol.


  • Bob

    I see drivers racing along I-15, dodging other cars, and driving recklessly, and am surprised that more of them don’t kill themselves or other people.

  • Bob

    Let’s see, what is the VERY best way to honor someone? Hmmm.

  • laytonian

    Really? You released hundreds pieces of plastic litter to “honor” people?
    It would be better to do public service projects than to create more litter.


    Millions of gallons of toxic waste from an abandonded mine in Colorado is flooding the southwest and a few limp wristed mental deficients are worried about a few ballons?
    The Mayor of Seattle banned beach fires while much of California is going up in wildfire smoke? Typical thinking of liberals.

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