Donald Trump slams Rosie O’Donnell in first GOP debate

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CLEVELAND — Donald Trump’s latest reality show roared into Ohio Thursday night.

Within a few minutes of his first debate as a Republican presidential candidate, Trump refused to rule out a third-party run for the White House, ridiculed comedian Rosie O’Donnell and griped about his treatment by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

It was an explosive start to the first GOP debate in a campaign season already upended by Trump, the unfiltered and brash real estate magnate. It was immediately apparent that classic Trump showed up to the debate — someone who pushes the boundaries in everything he does, including running for the White House.

Kelly challenged Trump on some of his past comments towards women.

“You call women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals,” she said.

Trump quickly responded: “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

O’Donnell tweeted shortly after the comment: “try explaining that 2 ur kids”

Trump is smack in the center of the debate line-up tonight. The lower tier of presidential contenders had their brief moment in the sun earlier Thursday at a debate where Carly Fiorina delivered a memorable and polished performance.


  • Bam

    I like Miss Kelly but disappointed in her. I have lived through being treat like a second class person. But this was a debate on our government and I would of rather seen question on world issues or problems in the USA . I wanted questions asked from Mr. Trump on what policies he would put in place. What would he do with insurance in the USA, what he would do with terror attackers . Where did her question pertain to the problems with our country? That was something she was interested in but I am more concerned to find out the thought on helping the USA. Please focus on the real problems and question what they plan on helping the USA . I have not decided who to vote for yet and I need all you to help me by asking good question that are not personnel questions.
    Please listen to use we are tired of the same old. Things need to change, we need new idea’s maybe not Trump but maybe Trump. You need to get better information for us.

    A women who loves the USA,

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