‘Tribute to Nursing Mothers Day’ at trampoline park draws support, criticism

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LAYTON, Utah – The owner of Sky Trampoline Arena took to social media this week to respond to a woman who claimed she was kicked out of the facility for breastfeeding, and the post addresses the controversy and also mentions an event set for Friday to raise funds for breastfeeding awareness.

Friday's event was attended by several nursing mothers, and there were two women who came to protest what they viewed as a publicity stunt rather than a genuine apology. See the video above for details.

Things began after mother Sadey Holmes expressed frustration on Facebook earlier in the week, saying she was kicked out by a manager after she was breastfeeding at the trampoline park. Click here for FOX 13 News’ initial story about the controversy.

Wednesday night, the park posted a statement on Facebook and said they respect the rights of nursing mothers and don’t restrict breastfeeding on the premises. The post apologizes to Holmes and all other mothers for “any misunderstanding that occurred about this.”

The statement alleges that Holmes was not asked to leave the park, but was instead asked to not be on trampolines with her infant due to safety concens. The release states alternative locations were suggested and rejected, but that “Unfortunately communication broke down very quickly in this circumstance."

The woman left on her own, according to the statement, and she returned with police. The park states they gladly provided a refund and that Holmes became “very disruptive” afterward.

See the Facebook post below for the full statement.

A second Facebook post made Thursday states the park is working with La Leche League of Davis/Weber County to celebrate “Tribute to Nursing Mothers Day” Friday as part of “World Breast Feeding Week.” Friday, the park offered free admission to nursing mothers and all other customers got 50 percent off. There were reports nursing mothers were going to protest at the trampoline arena Friday, and the post from Sky Trampoline states "We welcome Ms. Holmes and her group to attend" the tribute day. Two women did arrive to protest Friday, see the video above for their comments.

All proceeds will be donated to La Leche League, which has a mission to “help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of baby and mother.”


  • Janene

    I am all for breastfeeding, but I feel that a trampoline isn’t a safe place for an infant. Common sense dictates that maybe a nursing mom should find a place better suited for it. The park was totally right to ask her to find another place to do it. If her infant was hurt by someone jumping into it, the mother would be angry at the park for that.

  • Destiny Bradford

    Who goes on a trampoline with an infant? Also I’m really sick of people and this whole breastfeeding deal, please be respectful to your fellow man, no one wants to see nudity just cover up. It’s not that hard to use a light blanket or even nurse out of sight. People think just because it’s natural and the law allows them to they should just show their breasts to everyone, have some self respect and modesty. Act like a lady!


    Umm, so are you for or against breast feeding on the railroad tracks Trish? I don’t think the mormons had anything to do with this story.


    Trampolines are meant to bounce up and down on. Breastfeeding is typically performed where mother can get comfortable. A soft couch would be an ideal location. Right Trish?


    TRISH RAMIREZ says “If she’s allowed to be on a trampoline she’s allowed to breast feed on a trampoline”. If you’re allowed on a roller coaster than you are allowed to breast feed on a roller coaster Trish? Really?


    Looks like Trish Ramirez’s inane comment was removed. Common sense isn’t one of her strong points.

  • Howard Winn

    I think they should have a little decency. Don’t just flop that thing out and say it is your right. Use some sort of decorum and cover it and the baby up while doing it, unless you are begging to be a sideshow.

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