Authorities identify West Jordan teen killed in rollover crash in Millard County

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MILLARD COUNTY, Utah –Officials have identified a West Jordan teenager killed in a single-vehicle rollover near Cove Fort on Interstate 15 early Sunday morning.

Stephanie Villegas, 16, was riding in the car with her parents Monica Rodriguez, 38, and Enrique Villegas, 41, when the crash occurred. It took place at about 2:35 a.m. near mile marker 143 in northbound lanes.

As the road gradually curved right, the driver, Rodriguez, continued to travel straight, setting the vehicle off to the left side of the road, according to Utah Highway Patrol.

The driver over corrected to the right causing the car to roll.

The vehicle rolled several times before coming to rest in the left lane of traffic.

Stephanie had taken her seat belt off in order to lie across the back seat. She was ejected and landed near the center line of northbound lanes, according to UHP.

Another motorist, unaware of the accident, drove into the scene and began slowing down.

“This second vehicle, being unaware of the female lying in the middle of the roadway, struck the victim,” officials say. “Passerby began to offer aid to the victim but she passed away at the scene.”

According to UHP, Rodriguez and Villegas were taken to a hospital in Fillmore with minor injuries.



  • bob

    That’s hard to read. I have daughters.

    SEAT BELTS, people! All the time. No exceptions. It’s not worth your life to take a nap.

  • AnotherBOB

    So the driver was most likely sleepy too if they weren’t alert enough to stay on the road when it started to curve. How hard is it people to wear seatbelts and NOT drive DUI or distracted or drowsy? It seems like common sense yet here we are with a fatality. They could have easily hit and killed someone else in a head on collision.

    • one of Stephany's best friend

      She was my best friend and u r talking bad about her not having a seat belt on while u could also be a type of driver who shows their kid how to drive like a mad man.

  • Another mom

    My heart and prayers go out to your family….your story hits me deep as it is not unlike something that happened to a, family close to mine in June this year. I hope you know it wasn’t your fault, and your daughter’s spirit will live on through her memories.
    And, I would like to say to other commenters, please realize your connected can have a harsh impact on close family and friends. So, unless you are going to be supportive, keep your comments to your self.

    • BOB

      Utah has a seat belt law that when obeyed saves lives. If the driver knew Stephanie had taken her seat belt off, if in fact she ever had it on, he should have insisted that she put it back on. The story doesn’t say whether the driver will be cited for allowing his daughter to be unbuckled.

      • A Family member

        Bob, I can’t express how much of an idiot you are. I hope you never go through something like this, nobody should. But if you do, I guarantee the last thing on your mind will be whether you will receive a ticket or be cited. Regardless, your comment makes you sound like you lack any sense of compassion. Think before you post!

  • Dre

    This is my son’s very good friend. He has just been talking to her the night before when they were driving home from their vacation. My heart is aching for this sweet girl and her family. She was one of the managers on the West Jordan High School Soccer team and was always the first one to help me when I asked. Stephanie you left a lasting impression to all who knew you. Thanks for always having that beautiful smile and contagious laugh. Cylis is missing you and can’t stop reading your last conversation. You were one girl he truly admired and respected. May you rest in peace sweet girl.

    To all of you blaming the parents, STOP!!!! They have lost a daughter, that itself is beyond pain and they’ll be punishing themselves the rest of their lives. Don’t act as if yo have never taken of your seat belt or have been in the car when someone has to fall asleep. So much judgement here its absolutely disgusting. Since you seem to NEVER make mistakes, I hope you never suffer something so painful as this. All it takes is one time, one quick moment…….. think about that and maybe your judgement will turn into sympathy and empathy for these parents.

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