One dead after wrong-way driver collides with two trucks in Ogden

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OGDEN, Utah – A man is dead after a head-on crash in Weber County on I-15 overnight.

The Utah Highway Patrol said a wrong-way driver going south in the northbound lanes hit two trucks at about 11:30 p.m.

One of the trucks had only minor damage and no one was hurt.

The other truck had five people inside including an infant.

That truck rolled after the crash and the driver and passengers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

All occupants in that truck were wearing seat belts.

“We don’t know exactly what his speed was at the time but it was around a curve,” UHP Sgt. Roy Carlson said. “The driver of the truck said he came around that curve and all of a sudden there was the vehicle, he saw headlights, tried to avoid it, but couldn’t avoid it at the time. ”

The wrong-way driver was flown to the hospital after crews cut him from the car; he later died.

Troopers are investigating what led to the crash.


    • isakswings

      This was much more then a mistake. I can’t believe the only fatality was the driver of the car. This was a horrific accident.

  • Dynamite

    I drove by this right after it had just barely happened I was shaking so bad ): if I would have left minutes before I could been in that accident. I feel so bad for them. ): hope they’re ok.

    • isakswings

      We were there too. My son was driving and the red truck rolled in front of us. We had just changed lanes from the lane the red truck was in. Had we not changed lanes, we very well could have been hit. So scary and sad.

    • SMorri82

      Dynamite- the passengers and driver of the pickup are extended family – we’re happy to say that everyone, including the baby, is fine!

      • isakswings

        Fantastic! I’m so happy they are all ok. They all seemed like they were going to be ok. I hope they are all recuperating and recovering emotionally from what happened too.

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