Fans irate after Mötley Crüe concert in SLC delayed for hours

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Thousands of fans in Salt Lake City were upset Wednesday night when a concert featuring Mötley Crüe with special guest Alice Cooper was delayed for hours beyond its scheduled start time, and a spokesman for the arena said the company hired to set up the stage didn't have enough qualified personnel on hand to complete the work.

Fans took to Twitter to vent about the delay and a few called the FOX 13 newsroom saying they were stuck waiting outside the arena with limited access to water.

Energy Solutions Arena manager Zane Miller tells FOX 13 News they had to delay opening the doors due to unexpected technical problems. He said they had been handing out free bottled water to waiting fans.

Nikki Sixx, co-founder and bassist for the band, tweeted his displeasure and stated they planned to play their full show once the concert finally began.

Fans were still gathered at the doors after 9:40 p.m. The show was scheduled to start at 7 p.m.

The fan who tweeted the photo above said just before 10 p.m -- nearly three hours after the scheduled start -- the doors were being opened and fans were being allowed inside.

Other fans tweeted that even when they were finally admitted, chairs were still being set up.

One fan told FOX 13 News he left work early to travel from Blackfoot, Idaho, for the show and still had to drive home after the show ended so he could be at work at 7:30 a.m.

An ESA spokesperson said their arena was ready, but the local company hired to get things ready, United Concerts, was not.

"The unfortunate situation that caused the delay was due to the concert rigging--the sound, the video boards, the lighting--was not in place in a timely enough manner," Frank Zang, an ESA spokesman said.

Zang said United Concerts didn't have adequate staff for the task.

"The ability to find quality workforce that have experience in hanging rigging from these heights was limited, that pushed back some of the installation," he said.

FOX 13 News has reached out to United Concerts for comment and will update this story with their statement should they respond.


  • Entitled scum

    Someone probably got fed up with entitled narcissists thinking the world revolves around them going to a concert and quit so everyone rushed to make up for someone showing those arrogant fans that they really are nobody important like they think they are or maybe someone’s mom or child died and they couldn’t come to work but that doesn’t make any difference and the show for the twisted must go on. We don’t know what happened but what we do know is that a bunch of cry babies think that the world revolves around them going to a stupid concert.

    Wah wah wah we don’t have water wah wah wah. There is water all over the state but wah wah wah. We won’t miss this concert even if we are thirsty. Wah wah wah. The center needs to provide us free water. Wah wah wah…

    Stop whining. There are kids with no water in third world countries cry babies

    • racegrl11

      Your just as bad as the rest of them. What are you whining about? Get a life and quit worrying about everyone else

      • Kathy

        My husband had wanted to see Alice Cooper for years. THIS year for Father’s Day our son bought tickets for my husband and himself to go to this awesome concert. My husband had to arrange for someone to work late for him, travel from Layton to Salt Lake to pick up my son, then to the energy solutions Center. They arrived early, paid $10 to park. Got to the EAS estoy & started waiting and waiting and waiting. The crowd was growing with others attending the shows. The crowd was growing larger & after the shows was yo have started, they started to complain the next thing they knew there were officers all over (my husband said because he thought they might riot). Lol
        Yes they did bring out water WARM water.
        EAS was not even close to accommodating the crowd in fact It was as if they cared less.
        Again had it not been the fact that my son had bought these tickets for my husband and him for Father’s Day so he and his father could enjoy this concert they would have left.
        BUT how are they supposed to get refunded for it? No one, and I say no one EAS and anything to say helpful or positive they just handed out WARM WARM water. EAS as far as we are concerned will watch jazz games from home because we are not going to buy into your money pit, that you created.
        I do not believe it was the promoters responsibilities to make sure chairs were ser yo, yes they may have had a responsibility for the lighting in the pyrotechnics but as far as seating that was EAS’s responsibility and you definitely dropped the ball. MAVERICK CENTER, OR. USANA we’ll be THERE
        As for those who didn’t go and you’re sitting on your couches commenting about it now. go find a job application for EAS sounds like they’re looking for workers / employees (whinners not allowed).

    • Scott

      That shows how stupid you are you idiot! If you are going to make money off of people you have to have your act together or stay out of the business altogether. That said, I recently attended an event at the Energy Solutions Arena, and the sound system was absolutely terrible. I wouldn’t spend 50 cents there to hear a concert. Millers need to give up concerts there!

    • Don't be dumb

      You do realize how dumb you sound right? You sound like the baby complaining about how people are posting about being frustrated for paying for a concert, which wasn’t a cheap one, and not being able to see it at the scheduled time. As for the whole water thing, yeah we have water in America. And yeah, it’s bottled. And yeah there are third world countries that don’t have the luxuries that we have, but all I see is you looking like an idiot by saying something about it rather than doing something about it. Maybe instead of being rude to people you don’t even know on the internet you should use the Internet to donate money to the countries in need of it. And no one person is responsible for the delay it was a group effort so stop saying that it’s one person who caused it and sticking up for that person. Those responsible should be fired for being incompetent at their jobs.

  • Julies

    Unless you were there Untitled Scum shut up !. They only let a few in and then we went into total lock down. My card would not read for us to even get a drink. There we all stood to 3 hours. You could no move with that many people in the halls. We were just lucky everyone behaved and not one got hurt.

    • rock and roll

      The problem was caused by one of motley crues tour trucks going to the wrong venue. Esa handled the delay as best they could. As far as your card not working i dont know?!? My card worked fine and we had drinks and food while we waited. The only problem i had was when they opened the outer doors and let people in, but the inner doors were shut. Soon you could not move. A fight broke out next to us, but esa’s security handled it. We could hear sound checks going on at 9:30 i think the tour promoter and Motley Crue owes everyone an apology.

      • someone who was there

        Additionally, the tour hadn’t adequately worked out the details with the local union set up group to help them set up the stage and everything else it takes to get ready for the show. Motley Crue has had this same issue throughout their tour recently. It was not the fault of Energy Solutions Arena. Don’t be fooled into believing what the band says. It was their problem.

      • DC Robinson

        I FULLY agree with you!! Sounds like they owe apologies to a LOT of fans! They just ripped us off in Paso Robles, CA last Saturday for $110 a ticket, showed up over 3 hours late and gave the worst concert I’ve ever seen in my life! Our whole county is still in shock over their arrogance! Vince was completely incoherent, people are still making fun of him here! They were horrible!

  • Adbenny

    Paid 30$ each for our tickets on Groupon, waited till 8:30, then said screw it and went to dinner instead.

  • angela

    Awesome show as always. Ya it was delayed to no fault of the band, however they played the whole show and it ROCKED!!!! Crüe fan forever

  • mowen044

    What this news story didn’t say is that while fans were waiting for over two and a half hours they were told that Trax would run until 1:30 am due to he delays, but the trains stopped running at the usual time and hundreds of fans were stranded on the Trax platform at 1:00am. The taxis did good business last night.

    • SLCguy

      I was at the concert and I really wasn’t that upset the concert started late, life happens and things don’t always go according to plan and much bigger things in life to worry about.
      With that said there should have been better communication between ESA and the fans, I didn’t hear a single update over a loud speaker as to what was going on and that is what got a lot of people frustrated, it could of been better handled that way for sure.

  • Lynn Burchard

    They were 3 hours late at the Paso Robles concert on Saturday night 7/25/2015. Don’t feel bad, they’re just RUDE!

  • Sassy777

    That is so crazy because just this past weekend in Paso Robles, CA for our Mid State Fair, they were 3hrs late getting the show on too! Sounds kinda crazy that it would be such a coincidence….lol! Maybe it’s time for them to hang up the act for good!!

    • DC Robinson

      I know, right?!?! I was there too and when I first saw this article I thought, wow, finally someone is speaking out about our awful Motley experience last Saturday…but NO! They did it AGAIN just days later, in another state even!! They need to retire! Good riddance!

  • DC Robinson

    They just did the exact same thing to us last Saturday, here in Paso Robles, California! But it was their fault, they didn’t show up until then! They were over 3 hours late and Motley Crüe did the absolute worst show EVER!! No apology, not even an encore! Vince sounded awful and barely mumbled out some unintelligible noises; like he’d forgotten the words or something! It was insane! They made thousands of enemies in this county. They’ll never be welcome here again. I’ve been a fan for over 30 years…not any more! Sad.

  • Jeff

    Just after they opened the doors, me and my wife were making our way to our seats in Section 5, when Alice Cooper hit the Stage and started playing. Some Overly Zealous fan decided he needed to be in his seat right then and ran down the stairs and plowed a bunch of us over. My wife got her foot stuck in between the stairs and the seats, and consequently crushed her foot, and fractured it in several places. We spent of the time in the Emergency Clinic While Alice Cooper was on stage. I sure would like to get my hands on that Guy.

    • Jeff

      also, we took Trax to the Arena, and Trax, a public transportation , stopped running at 1115 PM. so after the Concert we were stranded at Energy Solutions Arena, my wife with a Broken foot, Hitch hiking home. Loved the SHow, Both bands Rocked. The Emergency Crew Rocks, they were awesome.

  • motleyfan1

    One question.. did you see a FULL Mötley Crue show? I was at the Paso Robles show… Mötley didn’t go on until midnight… and left the stage before 1am… no fire, no pyro, no drum solo, and no Home Sweet Home! And it was over 100 degrees at an outside venue. No one told us why the show was delayed. Alice Cooper went on at 1039pm. It was a “slimmed down show” so Salt Lake shut your holes!

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