Consumer news reporter confronts woman accused of stealing his credit card number

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RICHARDSON, Texas — A consumer news reporter at a Texas television station confronted a suspected credit card thief on camera after she allegedly used his account to pay for a hotel room.

KDFW reports that it all happened after consumer reporter Steve Noviello received a fraud alert on one of his credit cards. The alert indicated someone tried to use his account to pay for a hotel room.

Noviello immediately called the credit card company and police.

When he went to the hotel, he was told that someone did check into a room with his account number — and that they were still there. The hotel said Farrah Parks used a card with her name on it, but the card had Noviello’s account number on the front.

When Parks was led out in handcuffs, Noviello confronted her and asked how she obtained a card with his account number on the front. He even rode down an elevator with the Parks, and that, too, was caught on video.

Parks insisted she got the card from someone else, but also apologized and said she made “bad choices.”

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  • Mikee

    Sure will be nice as soon as America catches up to the rest of the industrialized world and switches to the EMV credit card payment systems that will make fraud like this a lot harder. Most card companies in America will start the switch this October, but most merchants won’t be required to accept the new cards until 2017, only 22 years after the system was first invented.

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