Woman faces charges after allegedly bugging diaper bag to spy on ex-husband

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FARMINGTON, Utah – A 37-year-old Farmington woman is facing charges for allegedly bugging a diaper bag to spy on her ex-husband.

Teri Anne Smith is accused of wiretapping or intercepting electronic communications by putting a recording device in a diaper bag and trying to monitor her ex-husband’s conversations when he was watching their children in 2012.

Last week Smith’s attorney Rebecca Skordas said federal and state laws allow a parent to monitor conversations between an adult and child if the parent believes the child is in danger.

Skordas tried to have the charges dismissed however Deputy Davis County Attorney Richard Larsen the state doesn’t agree with Smith about the sexual abuse allegations.

The judge said the charges against Smith will stand.

No charges have been filed against her ex-husband at this time.

Officials said he found the recorder in the diaper bag after picking up his children in Feb. 2012.

According to court documents, the man talked to Smith about the device and then found another one in one of their children’s pockets days later.

Smith is due back in court Aug. 27.


  • Buzzybones

    Is it just me or does this look an awfully lot like a man dressed as a woman? Not that it matters to the story or even the law, but yikes.

  • prosecutors raised by horrible parents

    Prosecutors picking and choosing who to believe based on the prosecutors not being raised right . It makes sense that they would sympathize with their own kind.

    • bob

      What are you talking about? There is no question that she did what she’ accused of doing…..and the recordings themselves prove that the husband was NOT doing what she says he was.

      Women will never be equal until they’re equally responsible for their own actions and the consequences of them.

      • Jennifer

        I must have missed the part about the recordings proving he didn’t do what she was saying? Women will never be equal??? Ignorant statement!!! The jails are full of plenty of MEN that refuse to admit they deserve the sentencing they got!!!


        Jennifer: You must have missed the part where Teri Anne Smith is being charged with illegal wiretapping. He was her EX-HUSBAND for heavens sake!! A little prison time will help her, and the father will get full custody of his children.

  • bob

    Accusing the ex husband of abusing the children is the oldest dodge in the book. Glad to see the judge isn’t buying it.

    And, of course, the dimwitted woman proved him innocent by doing exactly what she’s accused to doing. Double backfire.

  • Revoir

    How can you wire tap a closed circuit recorder or intercept it’s inability to communicate electronically.

    Federal and our States wiretapping law says only one party has to be aware the recording is happening.

    How is this different than using a nanny cam and not telling the sitter about it?

    It’s also fishy it took three years to make anything of it, I would suspect that the ex-husband used this to extort her all this time, sounds like a real winner.

    If she did catch him, I doubt she would be in trouble, probably receive lots of praise for being a good mom.

    All you commenting on her looks probably should find more constructive avenues for your rhetoric.


      There’s a reason why everyone is commenting on her looks. Note that I didn’t say good looks Revoir.

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