Ice blocking, slip-n-slides banned at Sandy City parks

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SANDY, Utah -- Ice blocking and slipping and sliding are two of the more popular activities you will see at parks around Utah in the summer.

However, in Sandy both of those activities are banned at public parks for a number of reasons, including safety and destruction of property.

“So we understand that people think it’s good-natured fun to ice block and slip-n-slide but we think the important message here is that these activities are absolutely not allowed in Sandy City parks," said Nicole Martin, Sandy City Communications Director.

On any summer day the large hill at Flat Iron Mesa Park is a magnet for ice blocking and slip-n-sliding, but the city wants the public to take these activities off their property.

“In order to have a successful slip and slide experience you need water and we found in that effort to get water people were breaking into our valve boxes and causing $800 to $1,000 in damage," Martin said.

City officials say their park water is not meant for public use.

“The water here at this particular park we use to clean the tennis courts and the bathrooms that water is not meant for slip-n-slides, that’s not its intention," Martin said.

The city said they understand the majority of their visitors have the best of intentions. However, that doesn't mean they still aren't causing property damage.

“Grass can be damaged up to two or three weeks in up to simply two or three hours of fun," Martin said. “Grass gets disrupted and in some cases we have to reseed to make up for that damage."

One ice blocking mom doesn't understand why her kids can't just have fun.

"It's kind of a bummer, this is the first time they ever tried and you don't go that fast so it's kind of sad that they can't," said Utah mom Natali Thompson.

City officials say riders do pick up high rates of speed and their main concern is safety. Over the Fourth of July weekend a handful of people reported injuries coming down this hill and at least one person ended up in the hospital.

“There was a relatively severe head injury and police were called out to that and we dispersed the activity," Martin said.

Sandy City officials say many cities along the Wasatch Front are against these activities, but they are personally going above and beyond to get out the message.

“We want to make sure we are taking some more proactive steps so you’ll see signage coming up here at the park in the next week," said Martin. "We will of course continue to enforce both our park employees and police as they hear about these instances, and we’ll continue to have dialogue with city council to see if there is anything further that they want to do”

Thompson said she respects the city's rules and will try her best to follow them.

"Yea maybe we'll try to do it in our front yard or something," Thompson said.

If caught ice blocking or slipping-n-sliding in a public park police are instructed to tell people to stop, but at this time no citations will be handed out.


  • Daniel

    What do you think you are? This is a park, for our enjoyment, paid for by our money , our taxes! Our money, our taxes, are also supposed to pay for the maintenance.

  • Finny Wiggen

    I agree with the slip and slide logic. A few hours and the tarp roasts the grass. Ask any parent who forgot to pick up the slip and slide. It takes weeks for the grass to grow back.

    But there is no logic whatsoever to the ice block ordnance. That is just absurd. People get injured? This is your reasoning? People get injured swinging, climbing trees, running, playing tennis, crossing monkey bars, and on and on.

    Ban slip and slides. But let’s be logical. Banning ice blocking is just idiotic!

      • AnotherBOB

        Ice blocking can mess up the grass as well, also don’t forget the countless idiots who get injured doing this then turn around and sue the park for it. If you’re running a park trying to keep costs low and people uninjured, this is a good move to ban them, it’s business.

  • Ryan Agnew
    This is the Sandy city government contact. If you are a Sandy resident or just someone who supports the freedom to enjoy the public parks paid for with our tax money we need to FLOOD the city officials with negative e-mails. If they can ban ice blocking then I’m sure sledding is next on their ban list, then pewee foot ball, the possibilities are endless and I for one DO NOT want to live in a “nanny state”. Please write the city officials

  • Travis

    But sledding in the winter is okay? I guess the city is more worried about money the the safety of its citizens. What a crock Sandy city

  • Travis

    No summer fun at Sandy Coty Parks. Bit your more than welcome to break your leg in the winter as sledding is okay. Sledding has 1000 of injuries a year and Sandy City puts out hay bays in Flat Iron Mesa Park. The city realm needs to evaluate their priorities. Safety should be first not money

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