Baseball fans reveal ‘cheating wife’ to husband at game

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(Photo: Credit: @LUV2BCH_)

(Photo: Credit: @LUV2BCH_)

ATLANTA — Two girls at a baseball game thought they were doing the right thing  — but not everyone agrees with their choice.

Delana Hinson and Brynn say they were at an Atlanta Braves game when they noticed the lady in front of them sexting with someone saved in her phone as “Nancy.”

They took pictures over the wife’s shoulder and left the husband a note saying “your wife is cheating on you.” They also gave the man their number, saying he could call them for the pictures and more information.

Some are applauding the girls for their efforts but others think they overstepped their boundaries. What do you think?


  • Malisa Troutwine

    I was cheated on I would have loved to know. .. on the flip side I keep finding worthless bags of human flesh who are cheating on their wife I’m hoping to out another today…

  • Jennifer Goodwin

    I would want to know if my husband or boyfriend was cheating on me, I think they did the right thing, he deserves better Than that!

  • C. Drake

    I was taught not to read over peoples’ shoulders. It’s rude. Was the wife in the wrong? YES! My question is what kind of nosey people are reading the texts of the person sitting in front of them?

  • Greg jacquart

    More of this and there would be less cheating and clueless people not knowing their spouse is sleeping around bringing home who knows what. I hope if this turns out to be solid info that he drops her and she gets nothing. Knowing the courts and because he is s a guy he will end up with nothing and the cheating b#@%ch will get it all.

    • Leanne

      I completely agree with you!! We need more people in the world like this and there would be less cheating! My ex-husband was a cheater, of many years, and everyone around knew except me. He even got reiter’s syndrome, which left him in a wheel chair for 3 month, and I took care of him, bathed him etc. When I did finally find out, I left him. Unfortunately, even though he was the cheater (and a guy) I was completely screwed. Even though I purchased the house with my deceased father’s inheritance. If I would have had someone in my life like these girls, it would have saved me years of grief. I applaud the girls that saved this man grief. I truly hope this cheating b#@%ch gets what she deserves, and he gets everything!! And anyone who disagrees, is a cheater and has no morals!!!!

  • george baker

    love it glad there are people who keep it low key. they could have made it into a big blow out there at the game.

  • Dani V

    I think they have great eyes if they can read the words on someone’s phone from a row behind. I can barely read mine when it’s right in front of me. If they would have just given the guy the info and let it be I think that would be admirable but posting it for the world to see and us to chime in on, not so cool.

  • Donna

    Cheating men should be called out….why not cheating women….I wish someone ..anyone…had told me what they knew about my lying, cheating husband…would have saved me years of grief and thousands of dollars….I would surely tell if I save it happening.

  • vcv

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  • bob

    They absolutely did the right thing. She’s married. If society doesn’t value marriage then marriage isn’t valuable.

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