911 call captures fatal road rage shooting of man in front of family

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Robert Doyle (Credit: Citrus County Sheriff)

BEVERLY HILLS, Fla. — A Florida man is charged with second-degree murder after a road rage altercation turned deadly last week.

Deputies say Robert Doyle shot and killed Candelario Gonzalez during a road rage incident on Thursday night.

Doyle was in his car with his wife. Gonzalez was driving a truck behind him with his wife, daughter and grandson in the vehicle, according to WFTS.

Both families called 911 during the altercation. Gonzalez said Doyle was “driving like an idiot.”

“We’re going to follow him right to his house,” Gonzalez told the 911 dispatcher. The 911 dispatcher urged them to go home, but they insisted on stopping at the house to get Doyle’s address.

Doyle, who was on the phone with 911 at the same time, told a dispatcher Gonzalez was trying to “run him off the road.”

“They’re following me to my house… and the guns are already out,” Doyle told the dispatcher, adding he had his gun “cocked and locked.”

As the cars continued down the road, both cars stopped in front of Doyle’s home. Seconds later, Doyle reached his driveway and Gonzalez exited his truck, according to WATE.

Candelario Gonzalez and his daughter (Credit: WATE)

“Son of a b**** has a gun, get somebody here now,” Cathy Gonzalez, the victim’s wife, told the dispatcher. Seconds later, Doyle fired multiple shots.

An eyewitness said Doyle shot Gonzalez as he was backing up. Doyle’s wife claims Gonzalez was charging her husband.

“We were in our yard, he stopped in the middle of the road and came after my husband!” said Doyle’s wife.

As Gonzalez was lying on the ground, Doyle forced the victim’s family out of the car and held them at gunpoint until police arrived.

“That son of a b**** is making me get out of the car with my daughter. You got to help me please,” Cathy Gonzalez told the 911 dispatcher.

Gonzalez died at the scene. Doyle is currently out on bond.


    • jre

      Gun laws prohibit someone from shooting unarmed people unless they feel their life is threatened. In this case Doyle is wrong for pulling the trigger without any physical altercation. Its something gun enthusiasts call trigger happy. Pulling out his gun was OK, the first defense but in this case warranted no further action. But yes Gonzalez should not have followed the man home period.

      • learn to read

        Learn to read. Witnesses claim the man who was shot was charging the man who went home . It was a physical altercation and this man fled to his own home . He doesn’t have to wait until he or his wife are murdered. Note the fact that the shooter went home and the shooting occurred outside of the car which means the dead man chased this guy home and when he got there he got out of his car

        Who are we going to believe?

        It’s not like he shot him while he was in his car nor did he shoot the rest of the family. He shot a man who was coming at him. He didn’t need to wait to be killed or get in a fist fight before defending his life

      • haley

        You learn to read the only eye witness stated Doyle shot him as Gonzalez was backing up Doyle’s wife said that Gonzalez was charging after her husband she was the guys wife so of course she’s going to say whatever benefits her husband

      • bob

        According to one version of the story the “victim” was trying to murder the shooter. A two ton vehicle IS a weapon, if used as such.

      • bob

        Not the “only witness.” Both wives have given testimony, and their stories are exactly opposed.

        Who do you believe?

        I find it more likely that, feeling threatened by a road-rager who followed him all the way home, the emerged from his vehicle with a gun in his hand. Quite reasonably prepared to defend himself and his family. The road-rager, believing the was about to be shot (and already hopped up on fury and adrenaline) charged him, threatening to run him over. The guy fired in self defense.

        It’s POSSIBLE that the other story is true, but I find my version more likely. After all, he DID follow the man to his home. What was his intent? High tea? I don’t think so. He was looking for a fight. He found it. He lost.

  • bob

    Followed the man home, obviously threatening, and then tried to run him down.

    If I’m on the jury the shooter walks.

    • try reading

      Terrible reading comprehension.

      >he stopped in the middle of the road and came after my husband!” said Doyle’s wife.

      Obviously she means he stopped the vehicle in the street and then exited the vehicle. When you understand this part it also makes more sense why the man died on the ground and not in his vehicle.

    • Goddess Divine

      If a man threats another man with a gun, then the other man has the right to use a gun as well.

      If a man is not armed and threatens another man, he should fight like a real man and use his own hands to protect himself, like a man. This is called honor.

      If a man uses a gun against an unarmed man, he is not a real man, he is a coward. He is not protecting himself. He is abusing the power the gun gives him. He has no honor. This is one of the biggest problem society faces in our days. Men have no honor and no respect for life or others. It takes a real man to see and admit these things are wrong. It is wrong to justify unnecessary violence. Those who live under these standards, will find their end the same way.

    • T

      Wow guess you can’t leave.. Witness stated gonzales was backing up so he wasn’t going forward so he wasn’t trying to run him over he was trying to leave that’s why stupid ppl shouldn’t have guns… It just causes problems for the rest of us… I hope he gets found guilty esp if forensics proves that he was in the truck backing up… Then maybe teach ppl to use common sense in situations instead of being gun ho crazy…

  • Goddess Divine

    Gonzalez made a bad decision by following this crazy man to his house, but he didn’t deserve to die for something like that. Gonzalez was not armed. Gonzalez did not try to punch or harm him. This man overreacted and needs to be pay for what he did.

    A man in our neighborhood ward for my husband to come from work by our house’s door. When my husband arrived the man started yelling at him about some gossip he heard from a woman in the ward. Even though the man was obviously very stupid and aggressive, we still didn’t try to kill him or shoot him. The man that killed Gonzalez used excessive force. We need to teach people to control themselves in this country by punishing when they do stupid things. Otherwise, we will have more and more shootings in this country. I’m tired of all these incidents where people shoot each other or shoot others. We need to stop crazies and bullies.

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