Nearly 100 submit resignation letters to LDS church

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Close to 100 people marched through the streets of Salt Lake City Saturday to the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints where they officially resigned from the Mormon Church.

Participants in the mass-resignation event said women's inequality and LGBT discrimination were just a few of the reasons  behind why they officially resigned from the church.

"I'm very nervous, but I`m also happy just to begin that next phase of my life," said Brendon Carpenter, who was one of about 90 to resign. "As I have been studying the Book of Mormon and the bible while on my mission I discovered for myself that I didn`t trust the leadership anymore."

Stephanie Orgill said there are a number of issues of discrimination within the church that led her to resign.

"The treatment of women and children and also the gay community to me the most disgusting and the cultural of obedience rather than free thinking," Orgill said.

Orgill and Carpenter said they lost all hope in changing the culture of the church when Kate Kelly, a vocal advocate for women's rights, was excommunicated last summer.

"I feel like I have to take a stand, those were my heroes that enforced my Mormonism, and to take them out of the equation I just don`t have anyone to rely on anymore," Carpenter said.

Kelly, who now lives in Kenya, returned for the mass resignation.

"There is a lot of ritual in Mormonism and it’s sort of like a ritual to say I'm no longer part of this organization," Kelly said.

She said it's important to formally submit a letter of resignation, that way church leaders know exactly how many people are leaving and their reasons for leaving.

“I think this is just the tip of the iceberg of a huge exodus of people leaving the church," Kelly said.

Those who do resign say it's a decision that will impact their entire family.

“I know they will be crushed because I'm the youngest of ten and every one of my siblings, and family and cousins and everyone are still very much Mormon," Orgill said.

Dale Jones, the LDS church spokesman issued this statement:  "Every person is valued and loved. They are our brothers and sisters, colleagues and friends. Each makes their own decisions about their participation and church membership. Regardless of their choice, we love them and wish them well, and hope they will find the support and answers they seek."


  • Shawn

    I am an active member of the LDS faith and I do know a lot about the many discrepancies, and odd things about the history of the church. I have read the CES Letter, I know about the Book of Abraham, and the list goes on. I can understand how people question and even leave the church. However, for me I still came to the conclusion that the Gospel and Priesthood have been restored. Sure there are faults, but this is expected because although someone is called to be a prophet or apostle doesn’t render them incapable of making mistakes e.g. Judas. I’m sorry that we are losing good people, that we no longer will get to rub shoulders with at church, but someone not being a member doesn’t mean we can’t rub shoulders and be friends outside of church. We are all doing the best with what we’ve been given, and all people can and should seek to improve who they are.

    • Kim

      That’s not necessarily true! We stopped going to church and our friends have pretty much fogotten our family. It’s outta sight, outta mind thinking with the church. Those that leave, unless they live in Utah, will not see church members very often.

    • Graham McKee

      Shawn, I love your words. I have a witness given to me by the Holy Spirit that the church is true. It has blessed and continues to bless my life and the life of my family. Truth doesn’t depend on how many ‘resign’. Truth is truth.

  • Semisi V Foliaki

    Its not gaining or loosing, its all about your freedom to choose. Since from the beginning of this earth, every man and his dog questioned, and cursed God, nothing new, the same old thing. God blessed the TRUTH….

  • Tim

    Reminds me of the many who turned & walked away from the savior himself during his mortal ministry. Is your testimony being built on the right foundation?

  • Brad

    I’m active LDS and don’t see how this is newsworthy. Slow news days should ‘t be rescued by articles you know will just fuel your comments section.

  • Daniel Evan Whitson

    I just don’t understand how this is considered newsworthy. So….. 90 people in one day quit the church. There are 15 million members. March 4, 1979 sixty people in Nigeria alone joined the church. The church membership back then was only 4 million. Statistically speaking, that event was 3 times bigger. But you didn’t see every non-member thinking it was a huge event that was going to transform the LDS church. It wasn’t even covered by non-LDS media in the U.S. anyway. My point is…. this goes on all the time. Any given week on average the church processes several hundred requests for membership records to be removed, excommunications, etc. But, conversely, they have also during that week 5,100 convert baptisms as well as 4,000 or so baptisms of children of current members. Every single day more current members of the church die from old age, or other causes than this singular event.

  • ammon

    I think in my opionion that the people are too focus on the weaknesses of certain people. Remember the saying, the church itself is perfect. The people in the church are not perfect. So this to me is dumb and its also sad to see people leave the church for small issues. Im sad because they are allowing satan to control them. They just dont fully understand. And for that its very sad to see.

  • Wendy

    Stephanie Orgill was not completely honest when she said the church treats children poorly….I have never seen this ever. We members value children so highly…..also, people can choose for themselves whom they want to follow. Many of the people who are resigning seem to place Kate Kelly as their leader. The scriptures have told us that we will have many false prophets in the latter days, and so we should all be careful who we follow. These leaders will take us down the wrong path.

  • janetflorida123456

    From time to time the membership of the Church needs to be purged before the very end comes. This is prophesied in the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares. An enemy has crept in at night unawares, sowing tares amongst the wheat—describes how Satan interjects the tares of Liberalism in the Church intended to choke out the Wheat. The Angels have watch and ask concerning this weeding out the tares, but in order to not also uproot the Wheat they must “grow up together” until the roots of the Wheat are secure enough to handle the weeding done around it. This is the time, when the beloved members who have been inoculated with Liberalism are weeded out and hopefully the wheat who has strong roots (true testimonies without the cancer of liberalism) can handle this weeding process without themselves also becoming uprooted and therefore also loose faith.

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