Family living near scene of murder in West Valley City says they’ve received death threats

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah -- They live near the location of a murder in West Valley City, and now a family claims they’re receiving death threats because of it.

Last week, we told you about a family who owns the property where Kailey Vijil, 12, was found dead.

While they had nothing to do with her death, Eric Tetro said his family continues to be blamed for the killing.

“I just wish people would understand it’s not us,” Tetro said. “We didn’t choose to have what happened to that little girl in our yard.”

Tetro’s family home is located on the horse pasture where police said Vijil was killed. Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy who they said is the sole suspect in the killing, however, the family’s proximity to the crime scene has kept them in the limelight.

According to West Valley City Police, they’ve responded to at least four calls of harassment at the home. The problems include verbal threats and occasional trespassing, but Friday, Tetro said it escalated when his wife heard a knock at the door.

“There were two guys wearing black, and the one guy had a samurai sword,” explained Tetro. “And said he was going to gut her like a mother F------ fish.”

Police have stated that the family has fully cooperated with their investigation into the murder. They asked that the public leave them alone.

“We’re just as heartbroken about the little girl and what happened to her as anybody,” Tetro said. “I wish people would just know that we’re not involved.”


  • Mike Hansen

    Hey FOX you idiots always leave out the actual story! So, what happened with the two guys? Oh and what really happened with Nineveh Dinha? Do tell.

  • kristen

    So the best choice is to post a picture of the family’s house???? Just in case we’re not totally clear which one it is…

    • MoreManNoMoreMan

      Is the horse pasture all being used?

      If this was to happen to me, I would go out there and cut down all the tall grass and tear down that old shed that’s obviously attracting to kids to go investigate and play around.

      As for the harassment, you will now have to invest in a camera security system. Way to many idiots out there.

      Perhaps, put a note on your front door expressing sympathy and that steps are being done or have been done to prevent kids from playing in your property.

      Definately keep a couple of loaded guns close by at all times. I’m sorry this happened to you and the other 2 families as well.

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