4 Utah cities now offering rain barrels to residents at $40 each

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MURRAY, Utah - A few Utah mayors are taking steps to fight the drought; four cities are now selling rain barrels to conserve water.

The Utah Rivers Council is encouraging all who can to purchase one.

Rain barrel - Courtesy: Utah Rivers Council

Rain barrel - Courtesy: Utah Rivers Council

Each barrel will hold 50 gallons of water and has a mosquito-proof screen.

The barrels are child-proof and are easy to connect to a garden hose.

Sandy, Murray, Park City and Ogden are now selling the barrels at $40 each to residents.

According to the Utah Rivers Council, 70 percent of residents' water use is spent outside their homes on lawns and gardens.

Officials said urban Utahns have the highest water use per person in the U.S.

"I'm using about five to six gallons a day of culinary water, which has things in it which aren't necessarily the best for my plants," Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan said. "This is pure rain water; this is much better water for those uses as well as saving 50 gallons of water every time we use it."

If you don't live in one of the four cities, you can also get a rain barrel but it will cost you $75 instead of $40.

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  • bob

    What your shingles are made of, and what falls on them in between storms, isn’t very pleasant either.

  • Bill Waters

    Or the officials are in cahoots w/ the owners of this company. I have a hard time believing we use the most in the nation.

    • Lisa

      I believe it. I’ve lived in a lot of places and have never seen people who water their lawns as much as Utahns do, especially during a drought, or who have as little regard for the environment and water conservation efforts as Utahns do. There are statistics to prove it, too. Utah is in a desert, for God’s sake, start treating it like a desert.

  • billy bubba

    Nice taper at the bottom of the barrel. Perfect for making the barrel easy to tip. Depending on how much water it could be hard or really easy for a kid to tip it over on themselves. Engineering fail. 50 gallons of water is about 400 lbs. Less if its not full. Just sayin there a kid crushing possibility designed into these.

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