Group of bullet bike riders backs up Highway 201 with racing, tricks, witness says

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MAGNA, Utah -- A group motorcycle ride on a Utah highway turned into a three-ring circus as bikers did everything from wheelies, to racing, to donuts, according to witnesses.

Fellow motorists were left frustrated, drastically reducing their speeds in order to avoid hitting the riders.

It all took place on westbound Highway 201 in Magna Saturday afternoon. One driver caught the incident on cell phone video.

"You all can't see that there are probably 100 bikers up there and I'm livid because they have taken over the 201," commented Raina Thorn on the video.

Thorn, a Magna resident, said most of these law breakers were riding bullet bikes.

"Taken up all the lanes, stopped traffic, did a show, someone did wheelies, and then they fly, keep going, and they are just going back and forth between the lanes so no cars can get by," continued Thorn on the video.

She later told FOX 13 how close she and her fellow drivers came to getting in an accident.

"A lot of people were slamming on the brakes because you're going 60 mph and we came to a complete stop, sometimes because they were doing donuts and screwing around," Thorn said.

Thorn said she is pro-motorcycle. Her husband even owns a bullet bike. However, this sort of behavior is ridiculous.

"It's not cool, I mean that was dangerous," she said.

Motorcycle instructor Dave Palazzolo said he loves his motorcycle and all the fun that comes with it but he is against group rides.

"Even if it's a big group of people, all of them doing it safely, they're not out there to show boat or play around, you can't see as much of what's going on," Palazzolo said. "So when something comes up you don't have a chance to react or respond to it until it's too late."

In Saturday's case a Utah Highway Patrol trooper eventually arrived on scene and pulled over some of the bikers.

UHP could not verify how many riders received citations. They did say anyone caught racing or performing tricks on a motorcycle on state roads, will not only receive a ticket, but their bike could also be impounded, which could be an additional $400.

UHP Lt. Jeff Nigbur rides a motorcycle for work and recreation. He said this kind of behavior isn't only dangerous and illegal, but it gives everyone on two wheels a bad name.

"We've seen it before where people have been killed and injured in these exact situations," Nigbur said. "Completely inappropriate – really, really frustrating for us, and just a poor choice, a poor place to do that."

UHP said they understand that people want to perform tricks and race each other and they say that's fine, but the highway isn't the place to do it.

They say there are plenty of other places, like Rocky Mountain Raceways and Miller Motor Sports Park where riders can do tricks and race in a safe environment.


  • bob

    On the plus side, they provide a steady supply of fresh, healthy young organs and bones for the rest of us. Probably worth a little inconvenience.

    • AnotherBOB

      That’s IF the organs and tissue are still in good condition to actually harvest. T-shirts and flipflops with their hair gelled and shades on, see them all the time and I always wonder when they will go down.

  • Theutahrider

    I have video of the whole entire ride there was never doughnuts done neither did they shut the freeway down her video doesn’t even show a motorcycle in it she tells lies and you all believe it if you want to see the truth I have a video to show the entire ride from the rear of the pack

    • TRUTH

      A video camera only records where it is pointed. How about some video from the front of the pack THEUTAHRIDER?

      • Theutahrider

        yoire absolutely right so show me in this video where what she is saying is supported. No evidence Huh think about it plus udot has cameras and not one caught us doing anything illegal she’s just upset there was s bunch of bikes on the road. When her video shows us doing one doughnut I will gladly turn myself in. Oh wait it doesn’t show that. Just like my GREAT PRESIDENT SAYS Fox News doesn’t have facts.

    • Bella

      Because you were obviously a part of it. She didn’t lie, there are other people who said the same thing on other boards who witnessed it.

      • Theutahrider

        Bella get your facts and come for us. We’re you there no you weren’t. Fox News when you want the truth contact me asap I have the video and the pics not one doughnut was done we never went over the speed limit in fact we stayed 5 under just to keep the pack together. Plus the officer that came up to me all she said was please don’t break any laws we got calls about you guys I said no problem we are cool then she left guess what she didn’t see anything so why are you guys judging us without facts.

  • Grace

    Driving while videotaping is dangerous also…. I know these guys, and she is ly FOX 13 needs to be boycotted for not getting the whole truth, and only the words of someone who lied to get on TV…

  • DUB B

    they weren’t being dangerous don’t you see the guy in you crapy unsafe video taking (which is agents the law as well to operate a electronic device while driving in Utah and is fined $750 an a misdemeanor charge.) wearing the reflective vest swaying hey we’re stopped!

  • Thefastestrideraround

    Who cares you all got a free show hope you enjoyed it!
    (Ps-using your phone while driving is illegal in utah now so where’s the story about her getting a ticket)

  • MoreManNoMoreMan

    Probably those male prosts who are known as the sun downers out in magna… You know.. . The idiots RIGHT there by the park.

    • MoreManNoMoreMan

      Law enforcement has to know what group they are. I’m sure they know where the ride originated from. They are local because they are replying in their own defense here to our our comments.

  • AnotherBOB

    What a terribly done story. There is no video proof of really anything happening so I’m not sure why Fox went along with it without getting the other side. On the other hand though, these types of large groups of sportbike riders tend to have a lot of guys who just can’t resist the temptation to showboat in front of their friends. Just look at the comments made by some that were on the ride, the lack of intelligence/grammar/experience in their comments is palpable, so no I don’t believe for a second that “never went over the speed limit in fact we stayed 5 under just to keep the pack together”.

    Responsible rider groups will break off into smaller groups and not ride like clowns, they will stay in the same lane and ride in formation, not take up the entire freeway. People don’t generally waste their time recording video to submit to the news over large motorcycle groups riding responsibly… It sounds like there were a lot of bikes out so for some of the commenters saying everybody was riding like little angels sounds makes me laugh. This is why I don’t group ride with the squiddies, the gear-heads aren’t much better but at least they ride safe and are courteous to other traffic. Go ahead and throw the video up on youtube.

  • Glendale resident

    Last summer a large group of bullet bikers came flying up California ave, doing well over the speed limit doing w heelies and other stupid acts. The uhp officer following the group did nothing. I guess it’s legal to speed and show boat in a residential neighborhood

  • Sean

    This was obviously filmed by the driver while they were driving. Not very smart or safe either. Shame on you Faux 13 for encouraging this behavior. Fail!

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