Felony charges for man who allegedly shot at off-duty cop helping stranded motorist

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MAGNA, Utah — Formal charges have been filed against a man who allegedly fired several shots at an off-duty police officer who decided to be a “good Samaritan” and offer a ride to someone who was walking with a gas can back to a stranded vehicle.

According to court documents, Saul Martinez has been charged with attempted murder as a first-degree felony, possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person as a second-degree felony, aggravated assault as a third-degree felony, and three counts of a felony discharge of a firearm as third-degree felonies.

Authorities said Friday a warrant has been issued for Martinez’s arrest but the man is not yet in custody.

Sgt. Geno Garcia is an airport police officer, and on July 8 he was on his way home from work in his personal vehicle when he saw a man with a gas can walking toward a stranded vehicle in Magna. 

“It was raining real heavy, so I, at that particular time I wanted to be the good Samaritan and give the guy a hand, so I offered him a ride and he accepted,” Garcia told FOX 13 News on July 9.

When the two men stopped on SR-201 near 86th West, a Jeep pulled up behind them.

Garcia said: “The individual informed me that this was a guy that wanted to kill him, and I asked him a second time: ‘What did you say?’ And he said, ‘He wanted to kill me.’”

Martinez then allegedly fired at least three shots through the cab of Garcia’s truck as the off-duty officer and other man drove away.

“You know, by the grace of God and some good luck, [the] shots didn’t hit anybody,” Garcia said. Click here for more from Garcia’s interview from July 9.

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    Saul has a attitude problem. The prescription is some quality quiet time in the Utah State prison.

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