Wildlife officials warning Utahns about aggressive snapping turtle issue

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OGDEN, Utah – Officials with the Division of Wildlife Resources are warning Utahns about what they believe is the beginning of an aggressive snapping turtle issue.

The DWR said its biologists believe there is a breeding population of snapping turtles in the lower Weber River.

Officials said the turtles are new to the area and are not native to Utah.

Workers are warning residents the snapping turtles can be very aggressive and dangerous to people.

Authorities said, if you see one, do not approach it.

Instead, the DWR said it would like you to call to report at (801) 476-2740.


    • bob

      I stand corrected. The Alligator Snapping Turtle is primarily found in the south-eastern US, but can be found up the Missouri River as far as South Dakota.

      The Common Snapping Turtle, which this one appears to be, is found over most of the U.S., east of the Rockies, and clear up into Canada.

      Both are quite capable of clipping a finger off if you irritate them. But, apparently, they CAN survive in northern Utah.

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