Woman’s selfie in Old Navy tank top goes viral for unexpected reason

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A photographer is getting a lot of attention after a photo she snapped in a dressing room went viral.

Rachel Taylor says she was shopping at Old Navy when she overheard a hurtful conversation about plus-size clothing.

"I was shopping in Old Navy, standing in between a teenage girl and her mom. The girl picked up a plus-size tank top, showed it to her mom and said, 'Look! Me and So-and-so can fit in this tank top!' Her mom laughed and said, 'Yeah, you could! That thing is huge!" Taylor posted on Facebook.

Taylor says she was hurt by the comments and began to cry. She says she sat in the car and cried for a long time before eventually going back inside to shop.

In the end, she decided to try on the tank top in question.

"I ended up buying that tank top because, it turns out, I look fierce in it! Be kind. Think about others before you speak. And if someone hurts you, you have to move on."

Taylor posted her selfie to Old Navy's Facebook page. It has been liked over 86,000 times and shared 2,400 times.

Old Navy responded to the post, saying, "Rachel, you are amazing. We want to celebrate your fierce style by sending you a gift card."

In response to people criticizing her appearance, Rachel said:

"First, thank you so much for all the kind words and for sharing your stories in turn. I never, ever, ever imagined that more than a few people would see this picture (I never see anything posted to Old Navy's timeline) but I appreciate the sweet comments all the same.

However, posting a photo on social media is NOT an invitation to criticize, ridicule, or judge someone. Calling me a crybaby, telling me to save my shopping money for therapy, telling me to "do something" about my weight... what does that accomplish other than making yourself look like a fool? Sitting behind a keyboard commenting on someone else's life doesn't make you superior; it makes you a troll. Also, I don't want any handouts from anyone, nor would I accept it. There are far too many people who need clothes, and I can buy my own.

I could tell you more about the tone of the ladies' conversation, about our positions in the store, about my health and self-esteem issues, but I shouldn't have to.

Obviously I didn't handle the situation well, but I worked through it and I'm a better and braver person because of it. I wanted to share my story with Old Navy because I love my new top and appreciate them having cute clothes in all sizes. Now I'm refusing to delete it because people should know that they are not alone in their struggles, and even if they seem silly to someone else, their feelings are still valid. As my Mama always says, "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all."


  • Mark

    Look around. In today’s world there are more plus sized people than not. And odds are your day will come.

    • bob

      I never thought my day would come, when I was 6′ 3″ and 150 lbs. in high school.

      But it’s here.

  • Haleigh

    This same thing happened to me when I was shopping for my birthday outfit. I was so torn apart by the comment I left the store immediately and didn’t get an outfit for my birthday. It shows how helpful it would be if people thought before speaking.

  • Debbie

    I Happen to think she looks pretty in the top. Not to mention it looks comfortable & is quite patriotic. Go for it girl & to hell with others opinions who think you look bad. You look nice & presentable, very respectable.

  • Deanna M Riley

    My momma always said if they’re talking about you they are leaving someone else alone :) and you look hot sister!!!

  • Taraveah

    Be kind, yes, but also do not be so quick to take offense! So sick of everyone being offended about every last thing.

    • bob

      Strangers laughing at you in public is hurtful to anyone. I’d have gotten in their faces on her behalf.

  • Just me

    So let’s take this to a different perspective, how many have been in a public place and overheard a conversation peppered with obscenities? And how many have been offended by those remarks? It’s not a conversation intended for you but you take issue. Now as for the mother and daughter they were in a public place having a conversation intended for each other unfortunately it was overheard by a person who is probably a very sweet person. So really whatever the conversation we as a society need to be conscious of those who surround us we used to care about not offending other people, about keeping our tones lowered so as not to invade other peoples space…..recently I was in a food court at a shopping mall, having an iced tea, and I took table next to a man and his daughter. The daughter was about 6. And as all kids do she was fidgeting, and dancing, and eating. Her father just told her to eat her food. She looked out at the kids playing out towards the play area. She asked her dad if she could play with the kids, her father replied ‘they’re just a bunch of mexicans and they probably won’t want to play with you anyway’ My jaw dropped. The child only saw kids she wanted to play. How sad what we hear in public.

  • Wolfy

    I just wanted to say I’m proud of Rachael for taking this experience for what it was and growing from it. People make comments all the time that aren’t meant to hurt others but do; they aren’t bad for those comments, they’re just opinions and everyone is allowed theirs. I’m sorry that the comment hurt Rachael but I’m also glad she was able to see that it wasn’t a defining moment and she grew from it. Personally, I think she looks really good; fact is, she’s a big girl but she carries it well and looks good.

  • Bikeguy87

    How does a girl making a comment about the size of a piece of clothing put a woman in tears? I don’t see how a piece of cloth can be so deeply attached to a person’s sense of worth. For crying out loud, the girl didn’t say anything to the woman herself. She didn’t say if the size of the tank was good or bad. She just said it was big.

    This is yet another example of first world problem ‘Murcia. Taking offense where none is intended. But who am I kidding. The social medianites and tumblrinas love this kind of stuff. So it continues.

  • Deann

    I see nothing wrong with her top.. She looks good..And believe me I’ve seen big women who let it all hang out & she is well covered & looks great.. I’m not that big but do wear bigger size clothes because I have problems with my stomach so do u people every think that some of us have health problems & need bigger clothes to feel comfortable.. Stop & think before u open your mouth..

  • dfd

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  • Stop your whining

    Boo hoo! Someone noticed that a shirt that fits me is really big. How could they be so insensitive!?

  • Tired of it

    Boo hoo! Someone noticed that a shirt that fits me is actually really big! How could they be so insensitive?

  • Michele Burdette Elmore

    No where did it say, if I’m reading this correctly, that the mom and daughter were talking about the woman who bought the tank top. People need to stop telling others what they can and can’t say. Free speech for everyone – not free speech only if it doesn’t offend someone.

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