City closing seat-sizzling slides after complaints of burned bottoms

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Mountview Park slides - Courtesy: City of Cottonwood Heights

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah – An issue at a local park is giving the phrase “pants on fire” a whole new meaning.

City officials have decided to close the slides at Mountview Park at 1651 E. Fort Union Blvd. after complaints of burned bottoms and toasted tooshies.

Officials said the short-searing slides and accompanying scorching structures will be closed until further notice.

Authorities are installing fences around the rump-roasting rides this week because they said the various warning signs posted for parents aren’t working.

Cottonwood Heights officials stated online:

“The park itself will remain open as the city works to find a solution to protect children from the effects of the summer sun on the park equipment. The splash pad, tennis courts, basketball court, soccer fields, restrooms, pavilion and walking path will remain accessible to the public during the slide structure closure.”

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  • Commonsenseduh

    Just Ban the parents for taking their kids to the park, or better still tear down the park. How did this story make the news.

  • Revoir

    Frankly if you’re lacking in cognitive faculties enough to put your kid on a slide hot enough to burn them, your not fit as a parent.

    You would not let them sit on the asphalt in the parking lot would you? What’s the difference?

    Things get hot in the sun, it’s common sense.

    The report that spurred this is BS. If you do not allow the Inferred thermometer to acclimate to its surroundings it will read off by a impressive amount. Grabbing one from a 60 degree car and checking things in 100 degrees whether will yield incredible inaccuracy.

    Not to mention the ability for a plastic slide to retain and transfer heat (no matter what the color) is so many orders of magnitude lower than a stainless steel slide it’s laughable.

    How did we manage to make it this far is human history without someone to shut something down the whole day because it was dangerously hot 1-2 hours a day.

  • Krys

    You dumb people who complained seriously. .. my kids play there all the time. .. dont be idiots and let your kids go down in there suite then they won’t get burned put some clothes in your kids when they go from the water pad to the slide. It’s like the odor old lady sitting in her car forth July weekend when I went and letting her kids play there and continually honking get your lazy but up and do something with your kids instead of complain. …. you know the risks when it’s hot out side…. tale measures to protect your kids instead of complaining because soon there won’t be anything for your kids to do and then you will actual have to be a parent and do something with them. Thanks dumb *ss’ s

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