Man angry Walmart made ‘ISIS cake’ after his Confederate flag cake was denied

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SLIDELL, La. — Walmart is defending an employee who created a cake with an ISIS flag for a customer.

In a video published June 26 to YouTube, Chuck Netzhammer says Walmart has “some explaining to do.”

Netzhammer said he ordered a customized cake with the Confederate flag printed and the words “Heritage Not Hate,” from a Walmart in Slidell, Louisiana.

The baker denied his request.

Chuck Netzhammer said he wanted this image on his cake that Walmart turned down.

The next day, Netzhammer returned requesting the ISIS flag on a cake.

“I had them do the same thing for the ISIS battle flag image I brought to them,” Netzhammer wrote in the description of his YouTube video. “They cheerfully did it and sold me my ISIS cake.”

In the video, Netzhammer opens up a box to display the cake with the flag of the Islamic State.

He then criticizes Walmart that they’ll sell a cake with the ISIS flag but not the General Lee toy car.  

Last week Walmart and several other big businesses announced they’d be pulling all Confederate flag items from their stores.

John Forrest Ales, a spokesperson for Walmart, spoke to WPIX about the incident, saying it was “unfortunate that one customer took advantage of the employee.”

Ales told WPIX the bakers take great pride in what they create.

He said the cake should not have been made and it was a mistake.

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      You’re blaming Walmart for a cake a baker made? We don’t have the 1st Amendment right to make a cake? Are you really that shallow Soetoro?


        Then one should have the 1st amendment right to bake a Confederate Flag and the baker should be fired for refusing one controversial yet allowing another.


        C”CMONC’MON ANOTHERFATASS – Are you honestly that shallow? Are you in mental anguish over a cake? We’re talking elementary school maturity here.

  • Kinky bobs mom

    are you mental walmart as a whole said no Confederate flag merchandise how are you going to fire the employee for not making your racist cake?????????? Further more large portions of people do not even know what the isis flag is this man clearly took advantage of the employee to create this abominable situation.

  • TLJ

    People need to grow up and get over things. Nothing wrong with the Confederate Flag. The employee should be fired. The customer is always right is what I was taught when I worked in retail. Keep the flag available as it is a part of history.

  • Kash Money

    Wow, turn it round and blame the customer, this just highlights the ignorance of Americans, ISIS has been in the news for well over a year now, if you don’t recognize an ISIS flag you are retarded. FYI More atrocities have been committed, more lies and more blood spilled under the American flag than the Confederate Flag…get educated you Amercians.

  • miles (dave)

    the confederate battle flag is only a symbol of hate to the few. most like me love and honor it not as a thing of hate but as a symbol of half of my home, family, a way of life i love, fore i am a man divided i love both the southern and the western cultures.

    to be offended is a choice, some things tempt more people to be offended than others but in the end its still a choice to be offended or in this case learn to respect others.

    i have a confederate battle flag and i display it proudly in my home

  • lilmaude

    The confederate flag is not a hate flag. It is a part of history for my family and I will display it. I do not hate blacks or anyone else. If we have to give up part of our heritage then anyone coming from another country should be forced to leave their countries ways behind. Do not take my history but allow people from another country to come here and demand we stop doing things we have always done. They should have to remove the material from their faces and how do we know they don’t have guns under all those wraps of clothes they wear. I for one do not need Walmart to survive. I get better deals other places. If they will not sell the confederate flag then I don’t need to shop in their stores!

  • vhhvhg

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  • Larry

    You all are missing the point here! It doesn’t matter that it’s a cake. Or that he’s fat. Or that he’s racist. Or whatever you want to believe. The fact of the matter is…they wouldn’t create a flag that symbolizes southern America, but they would create a cake that symbolizes terrorism. That’s what this is really about. It has nothing to do with the cake. It’s the image that Wal-Mart has set on itself after creating something that symbolizes what thousands of our men and women have lost their lives over in the past several years rather than something that supports OUR culture and country. That is what is truly wrong with this whole thing. And I am glad he did what he did. It’s not his fault at all for them making it. They could have told him no just as much as they did when he brought the Confederate Flag design to them, but they didn’t. They allowed it. That’s on them. Not him. He was simply trying to make a point and that point was VERY WELL made. Good for you, Chuck! You showed us how screwed up this country is these days. I rest my case.

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