Guy pretends he got drafted to Utah Jazz, gets treated like king

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BROOKLYN, NY – Every year people across the world tune in to see which top players go to which teams in the NBA draft.

Thursday night was no different… except maybe a few more people should have tuned in.

If they had watched, they probably wouldn’t have fallen for this man’s charade.

Connor Toole, the Elite Daily’s senior humor writer, decided to see if he could fool people into believing he was just drafted by the Utah Jazz.

Well, guess what… the ill-fitting suit, untrimmed beard and various NBA hats worked.

He was able to convince groups in the streets of Manhattan the Utah Jazz used its second-round pick to take him at No. 42 in the draft.

Source: Elite Daily


  • Give him a chance and cut the losers

    He would probably be a better player than 100% of the current team.

  • bob

    All you have to do is PRETEND to play basketball and bar s k a n k s will show their stuff.

    They’d have triple-teamed him in the toilet if he’d asked.

    Explain, feminists. I want to know what “progress” this represents.

    • Mick

      Not a feminist…not even a female, but I’ll try and explain this:

      Progress means that women are free to do whatever the hell they like with their bodies, including flashing guys in bars. Why is that a bad thing? Why is a female’s chest something to be ashamed of or hidden from public view? America has a very prudish culture of morality, and you can’t even attribute it to Christian ideologies, because plenty of other Christian nations in the world have a completely different stances on such things.

      So yeah, progress puts women on an equal footing with us men (last I checked, men had nipples too, and in some cases even breasts).

      • TRUTHGOD

        agreed… so can you please give me your daughters numbers, so they can show me their tits…. you know… seeing as they’re nothing to hide or be ashamed of… sure you wouldnt mind

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