Snowbird manager reacts to outcry over proposed expansion into American Fork Canyon

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The general manager of Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort is reacting to recent public outcry over a land swap proposal, and he said he wants to reassure people they aren’t proposing to put in condos or hotels should they expand.

Many people in Utah County attended a meeting earlier this month to register their disapproval with the proposed expansion of the resort into American Fork Canyon.

Some feared access to the canyon will become limited, and they said they want to keep the proposed land public. Click here for FOX 13 News’ previous coverage of the outcry against the proposal.

Thursday, Snowbird General Manager Bob Bonar responded and said a lot of different ideas have been thrown around, and he said people may be confused about the resort's overall goal.

“What we would like to do is expand our ski resort operations, mostly on our private property in upper Mineral Basin and upper Mary Ellen Gulch,” he said. “No hotels, no condos, no gondolas connecting down to Tibble Fork or down to the bottom of American Fork Canyon.”

Snowbird officials said they want to work with the public to find a solution that would allow them to expand the ski resort without restricting public access for other kinds of recreation.



  • Tugena Too

    more avy controlled areas would be great! Haters gonna hate! Hateraid available at 7 Eleven at the bottom of BCC!

  • dragonclawhammer

    Why would the public even play ball here? We have no stake in Snowbird’s profitability. They have a very good resort as is. Lets preserve some of the Wasatch.

  • Josh

    Bob’s comments sure have changed from the public meeting he attend about 2 weeks ago. I think snowbird has made it very clear that if they own that land they will do what they want.

  • Scott

    There is now way what he is saying is the truth. He may not be lying, but not the truth. Companies don’t spend time and money on stuff that won’t generate money. Whatever they do it’ll mess with the dwindling wilderness areas.

  • Dave Johnson

    Why not expand into Big Cottonwood Canyon on the 1,000 acres you already own? There are already UTA ski buses running up and down the canyon, sewer lines, water lines, public safety, etc?

    Big Cottonwood Canyon is a better canyon to expand into.

    Or Expand into Wastach County which is hungry for ski tourism dollars. Expansion is great. Why not expand on the land you have in Salt Lake County?

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