Family of four found dead in Father’s Day murder-suicide

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ROY, Utah - Authorities are investigating after the bodies of a family of four were found in their Roy home overnight.

Officers were called to the home near 4750 S. and 2100 W. for what they thought was an assault but found the bodies when they arrived.

Police said the person who made the 911 call was inside the house at the time and he is a relative of the family.

Authorities said the mother, father and two children were found dead inside on Father's Day.

Father: Russell Smith
Mother: Shawna Smith
Daughter: 6-year-old Tylee Smith
Son: 2-year-old Blake Smith

Police said it appears the family died of gunshot wounds and that Russell's wound "looks to be self-inflicted."

Officials said the mother was a longtime manager of a local preschool/daycare.

"Understand with these kinds of investigations it does take a long time to gather the information," Roy officer Josh Taylor said. "As you can see behind me, we're just barely getting to the point where we're starting to go inside the home and gather more information."

Roy Police said they aren't looking for any other suspects at this time.

Officers said they are not aware of any prior incidents at the home.

Check back with Fox 13 for the latest updates. 



      It is a reflection on our moral decline Trace. The evils we abhorred in years past are now accepted, embraced and defended.

  • Zach

    I went to high school with him he did have some anger issues but i never thought it would lead to anything like this I’m in shock to see that this has happened

  • Truth

    Typical mormon behavior. The man is the boss and he can take is family to heaven to be his victims for eternity. Look up domestic violence, drug use and mental health issues/treatmen in Utah, mormon capital US. It will blow your mind. That poor woman and her babies. This is another shining example of how a patriarchal society creates so many victims. I just hope he told her her secret name first.

    • v

      Before you go claiming things like this know what you’re talking about. You don’t know the family or their religion. If you did, you wouldn’t say such ingnorant things.

    • Forever Young

      Seriously, ur sick. U don’t even know a portion of what was goin on in his head. Society thinks they can jus blame it on Mormonism cuz they think they know all there is to know about it. Well, news flash, it happens with every other religion too.

    • LS

      Truth kind of an ironic name since you have no facts or clue about their religious beliefs. How do you know they were Mormon. And here is the big shocker not ever person living in Utah is Mormon. You obviously know very little about the religion. And the real truth here is families lost their loved ones. Making ignorant comments about something you know nothing about is the real problem. People are mourning and hurting ignorance and hate during people’s darkest hour is what is the real injustice and decline of society.


      Why the venom TRUTH (AKA Trish Ramirez)? Nothing in this story to indicate that they are Mormons ….. or Catholics. It is obvious that you hate the path your personal choices put you on.

    • CJ

      Truth, are you kidding me you phatic POS. This man was a good honest person and good father. There are no facts out there of why this even happened and for you to make such political statements I take it you have no soul and only care about your worthless life. I know this man personally and just saw him Saturday. Shut your mouth and have some respect.

  • ericman1949

    It appears you may be accustomed to commenting about political matters since those people post biased, ignorant and incoherent opinions routinely. You have no information about either this family or Mormonism, but that doesn’t stop you from judging both.

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  • Haleigh

    It is extremely insensitive to be so judgemental about something this tragic. And to say such hateful things about a situation that you know nothing about is very ignorant. It’s so so sad to me that there is so much negativity from complete strangers when the surviving friends/family are just beginning the grieving process.

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