Police: Attackers shoot 10 people at child’s birthday party in Detroit

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By Faith Karimi and Janet DiGiacomo


(CNN) — Attackers fired semiautomatic weapons at a child’s birthday party in Detroit, killing one person and wounding nine others, authorities said.

A 20-year-man died in the Saturday night shooting, CNN affiliate WXYZ reported.

Nine other people — three women and six men — suffered injuries, WXYZ said.

It’s a “miracle” no child was injured at the party, which was held at a basketball court, Detroit Assistant Police Chief Steve Dolunt told the affiliate.

About 400 people attended the party, but there are no leads so far, and witnesses are not cooperating, Dolunt said.

“There’s kids out here. I’m livid. … There’s not any excuse why no one is talking,” he told WXYZ. “Man up or woman up, whatever, and tell us what’s going on.”

Dolunt said police are looking for the owner of an abandoned red car found across the street whose occupants they believe were shot.

Authorities will continue their investigations Sunday.

CNN’s George Montgomery contributed to this report.


  • Linda

    Dear God, Forgive America, so many have lost their way because they have lost you, or never knew you..Save this country, before we all destroy each other.. My deepest prayers and sympathies for all involved

    • miles (dave)

      i agree that more people need the savior in there lives and i too pray that those who do not have him that they will find him, however i would like to spread the good news and tell you that from my experience i have found that most people are inherently good. i do not feel as tho the world is going to the crapper.

      i used to think it was going down hill fast, then one day the depression was really getting to me, dragging me down. and i asked the heavily father to show me the good people, like how job tried to showed him, and since that day, i now have eyes now that see not just his hand in everyones lives but everyones hands in his work.

      now im not going to tell you i think its honky dory but its easier for me to do his work with the added encouragement to see his imperfect children (my self included) trying.

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