12-year-old boy dies in rollover car crash in Sanpete County

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SANPETE COUNTY, Utah — A 12-year-old boy is dead after a rollover accident in Sanpete County Saturday.

Five juveniles and one man were traveling on U.S. Route 89 near Fairview by mile marker 291 when the accident occurred. According to Utah Highway Patrol the juvenile driver was in the process of passing another vehicle when the left front tire of the car they were traveling in failed.

The car went off the road to the left and hit a drainage ditch and began to roll, according to UHP. It rolled several times before coming to rest on the driver’s side.

The 12-year-old boy, who was sitting in the back seat, was partially ejected as the vehicle rolled.

He was not wearing a seat belt.

The boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

The victim’s name has not been released.



    When a person is partially ejected they die as the car rolls over them. To bad an adult didn’t insist that this boy be buckled in. It’s the law.

    • Darren

      Keep your stupid comments and agenda to your self!!! Let the family have their peace you worthless hack! For your information there was another boy in the vehicle that was not wearing his seat belt and was thrown out of the car receiving only minor injuries, if he was wearing his seatbelt he would have been crushed and killed as well. So shut up!!!

  • guest

    Not true, he and the rest of the boys likely would have lesser injuries and a life would have been saved were they all wearing seatbelts. Do you see the pictures of the truck, with the box pretty much intact? If the passengers were buckled in, they would not have been crushed. The agenda is to educate on importance of wearing seatbelts, IT SAVES LIVES! RIP Easton. And prayers for comfort to the family.

    • Anne

      I do believe that seat belts save lives, but it is true that one of the boys that did not have a seatbelt on, was ejected, and had only minor injuries. Also, one of the boys DID have his seatbelt on. He was ejected and pinned under the vehicle. He has a mark from a shoulder strap that goes up the side of his head. Thankfully things did not turn out worse. We are praying for the families. Especially for the family who lost a child. I don’t believe anyone should make it their mission to pass judgement. Especially when they don’t have all the information. The news outlets are not reporting the facts correctly either.

      • rmblake

        It sounds like you are saying maybe everyone would have been better off not wearing seatbelts? Smh
        If you believe seat belts save lives them don’t try and rationalize for the kid who didn’t use his because he is in better shape than the kid who did use his? Sounds like you’re are defending his decision and questioning the one who buckled up?

        Was the kid who died wearing a seatbelt?

  • guest

    I’m not sure who here has a mission to pass judgement. My comment was in response to Darren and specifically when he said the boy who was not buckled that was thrown from the vehicle and unharmed would have been killed if he was buckled. That statement scares me too think that somebody actually believes this, and if so, will likely decide that seatbelts are dangerous. He sounds like a kid who is very upset about the accident, with the name calling and irrational thinking, and I only pray that his parents will teach him the truth and cold hard facts about the dangers of NOT wearing a seatbelt.

  • guest


    Darren, Here’s a link to a story with a very similar accident. SUV rollover due to tire blow out on Utah highway, 5 passengers, box still intact. 3 passengers with seatbelts, minor injuries. 2 passengers without seatbelts, ejected and airlifted to hospital in critical condition. The boy you referred to that was not buckled and ejected, I would say is not only lucky to only have minor injuries, but lucky to be alive. He is also the exception. Think about the forces of being thrown around the vehicle, and if ejected, the likelihood of being crushed by the vehicle. I’m not discounting what happened in this case or passing judgment, but the chances are you will be much safer being buckled in when involved in an auto accident, particularly a rollover.

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