Fireworks restrictions in place across Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Independence Day and fireworks go hand in hand, but fire officials say the high temperatures, dry grass and hot flames do not.

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, cities across the state are rolling out the boundaries for their firework restrictions.

“We're prohibiting them in certain areas where there's a high fire load,” said Capt. Brian Allred, South Jordan Fire Department

Earlier this week, South Jordan released fireworks restrictions for the summer, banning residents from lighting fireworks in the areas most at risk for a fire to spark.

“Annually, we have fireworks problems, multiple explosions, fireworks not doing what they're supposed to,” Allred said.

Other cities are also rolling out their restrictions this week in hopes of preventing fires.

“Every year, we see fires that result from fireworks. Either from the fireworks coming down in a field, coming down in someone's backyard,” said Jasen Asay, spokesman for the Salt Lake City Fire Department.

Fire officials say firework fun can turn into flames quicker than people think.

“We know that we're restricting a lot of areas, but there are reasons that certain areas are restricted. Either they have parks or a lot of wild land or just have great fire potential,” Asay said.

With the recent hot weather, fire danger throughout the state is growing. Especially where vegetation is drying out.

“Some restrictions in certain locations are extremely rigid.  In places in the foothills, places of higher elevations, the restriction is no fireworks period,” said Jason Curry, spokesman for the Division of Forestry and State Lands.

Officials warn that starting a wildfire is not only dangerous, but expensive.

“It’s costly, it costs a lot of money to fight wildfire and if you're responsible for starting a wildfire, then you'll be on the hook for the costs to put it out,” Curry said.

Officials say most areas that are off-limits to fireworks are city parks, watershed areas and wild and urban neighborhoods.

“The restrictions are there for a reason and that's to keep everybody safe,” Curry said.

You can see firework restrictions across the state here

You can also check your city’s website to see firework restrictions.

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