Teen boy kicks toddler to death: ‘Brutal beating that is almost beyond comprehension’

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2-year-old Sophia O'Neill - CNN

HENNEPIN COUNTY, Minn. – A Minnesota teenager has been charged with second-degree murder in the brutal beating death of his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter.

The 17-year-old suspect is currently charged as a juvenile.

He made his first court appearance Monday at the Hennepin County Juvenile Justice Center, where it was announced there would be a certification trial to determine if he should be tried as an adult.

A juvenile petition states that authorities were dispatched to a home in Minneapolis around 12:35 p.m. on June 10 on a report of a child not breathing.

The child, 2-year-old Sophia O’Neill, was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center where she died almost nine hours later.

Doctors said the girl had “multiple bruises, including extensive bruising to back and abdomen. Specifically, the doctors who tried to save O’Neill found that she had a split kidney, split pancreas, liver damage, rib fractures, both new and healing, a collapsed lung and other cuts and bruises,” a statement from the Hennepin County Attorney said, citing the juvenile petition.

The child’s 20-year-old mother told authorities that she left her daughter with her boyfriend earlier that day.

A neighbor told police that the 17-year-old knocked on his door around 12:25 p.m. and asked to use his cell phone.

The teen returned about 10 minutes later carrying the child, according to the statement.

The neighbor told authorities he called 911 and began performing CPR on the child.

“In an interview with police, (the suspect) admitted that when she wouldn’t stop crying, he kicked the child twice in the back and then laid her on the floor and stomped on her back,” the statement added, citing the petition.

A pretrial hearing was set for July 9 during which the court will consider whether to certify the suspect as an adult.

“This was a brutal beating that is almost beyond comprehension,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said.

“This investigation continues and if (the suspect) should be convicted, we will determine if there are legal factors that would allow us to seek a harsher sentence,” Freeman added.


  • bob

    I’ll say it for the THOUSANDTH TIME…….

    Ladies: Your shack-ups will kill your babies.

    Lions know it. RATS know it. Why can’t human females get this through their thick skulls? HE WILL KILL YOUR BABIES!

    Look at the statistics involving “Killed by father” vs. “Killed by mom’s boyfriend.” It’s not even close.

    I repeat: HE WILL KILL YOUR BABIES. There will be a quiz later.

    • Erik

      Men, I will say this for the thousandth time. STOP KILLING. It is the murder’s fault, not the victim or their families.


        What is truly amazing Jim is how many people don’t see anything unusual about a 20-year old mother with a 2-year old child having intimate relations with a 17-year old minor who is to young to even smoke or drink.

    • Vickie

      Honestly people this child was just killed my a young man who obviously has some real bad anger issues that the mother probably new about so in all reality it’s both there faults. I know as a mother if a 28 year old daughter that I would have never left in the care of her big brother no matter how old he was. He would have never hurt her when it comes right down to it if you can’t take care of your own child then at least take them to day care. Mom’s if you can’t be mature enough to be with a man more appropriate for your age. Then DON’T have kids

      • bob

        Thank you, Vickie, for restoring my faith that there are REAL women out there who are truly EQUAL because they are equally responsible for their own choices.

        if a mom puts her baby in a lion’s den and the lion eats the baby it’s the lion’s fault for eating, but the mom’s fault for putting the baby in the den.

        It is common throughout the animal kingdom for males to kill the offspring of other males when they “take over” the female. Humans are no different. We know better, as humans, but we don’t always ACT on our evolutionary progress. Sometimes we revert to chimpanzees. (Which DO kill the offspring of other males.)

        Men know better. They pay the price when they fail to act like humans. Women SHOULD know better too. Real women do know better. Real men and real women are EQUAL. Chimpanzees are also equal. This creepy child killer and his dimwitted shack-up are chimpanzees.

    • bob

      Lots of ladies replying to me who would probably have lined up to marry Ted Bundy on death row.

      Keep talking. You’re proving me right. The good news is that eventually your kind of stupidity will be weeded out of the gene pool.

    • bob

      You all fail the quiz.

      Go ahead and shack up with whatever drooling losers you want, ladies. It’ll be all HIS fault when it goes wrong. You, after all, cannot be expected (as mere women) to make intelligent choices.

      You win.


    A 20-year old woman trusts a 17-year old boyfriend with her 2-year old daughter’s life? This story is so terribly wrong on so many different levels that it boggles the mind.


        It would appear that this mother may not have selected someone with the same maturity that you had at age 13.

      • bob

        So could I. But I wasn’t boinking a 20 year old with a kid when I was 13.

        She chose a scumbag because a scumbag was the only guy who would be interested in a loser.

    • Kristy

      If he couldn’t handle the stress he could have called her mother or could have asked the neighbors for help so many things he could have done instead of killing the poor baby may she r.i.p


        The cold hard truth Ann is that 17 year old boyfriends typically are intested in what mommy has to offer them for free and not in babies sired by other males. Ask any police officer or psychologist and they will give you the same answer.

        In this specific case mommy had to know of the previous abuse if there were ribs that were healing. At a minimum there would be brusing that the typical mother might notice. You think?


        Lucky is the 2-year old child who lives under the same roof as both their bio-mom and bio-dad. I realize that moraltiy is old fashioned but it worked a lot better than what we accept as normal today.

      • goofymuffin

        @ANOTHERBOB: I understand and agree with the premise of your comment (two-parent Mom and Dad households). However, don’t rule out all of the loving adoptive Moms and Dads out there that provide loving, stable homes for children that are sometimes abused, neglected, unwanted and unloved. Too bad this little girl couldn’t have had the love and happiness in her tragically short life that every child needs and deserves. May she rest in peace in the arms of Jesus.

  • desconocido

    Ghetto people do ghetto things. Typical Bobs only blaming the mom, they both are at fault…obviously. Stop teaching men to alleviate their anger through violence.


      Give it a rest DESCONOCIDO. Obviously this baby killer is responsible for his actions.

      Little children fear the imaginary monster hiding under their bed. Who was it who introduced a real live genuine honest to goodness monster into this 2-year old’s life?

      • Kyle

        Totally mom’s fault. All bad guys carry identification so that all women can stay away from them. She should have known. I hope she is happy.


        No KYLE. Only the boy will be charged with the killing. If I let someone drive my car and they wreck it they are responsible. I, however, am the one who made the judgement call to give them the keys.


      DESCONOCIDO – Actually I agree with you. I think every 20-year old mother with a 2-year old child should have a 17-year old boyfriend.

    • bob

      Who is “only blaming the mom”, mouth-breather? I said he should be skinned alive and dipped in acid for our amusement. What more do you want?

      I just think the egg donor should join him in the acid bath, that’s all.

  • MJ Brewer

    The seventeen year old was kicking her and couldn’t figure out why she was crying? Not only should he be tried as an adult, but charges should be pressed against the mother. The little girl had broken AND healed ribs, indicating she’s probably been abused before. I would love to be put in a room alone with this guy, guaranteeing I would be the one coming out. I do NOT tolerate bullies, especially with babies.


      If a little 2-year old girl has both broken AND healing ribs your typical garden variety type mother would realize that something wasn’t just isn’t quite normal. Perhaps someone should be asking this mother some very pointed questions about her relationship with an underage boy.

  • yesenya

    Stupid mom 20 year old dating a 17 year old dumb dumb dumb and if they haven’t punishment him put me and him in a room. And give me 20 min and he be the one crying and in a coma

  • cassiegw77

    Try that sucker as an adult!! How horrible!! He could just be days shy of his birthday to be an “adult”… Geez, I hope he gets what he deserves

  • Yo Pauly

    I’m just gonna put this out there. Licenses are needed to fish, hunt, drive, sell products, so on etc. Can this society finally put a cap on who gets to conceive to weed out the idiots. I’m tired of hearing this.


    Sorry YO PAULY but we will always have people who fish, hunt and drive without a license. Best way to prevent this kind of animal behavior is to teach our children basic concepts of morality …… and that just isn’t going to happen.


    Take him to the zoo and throw him in the lion cage that’s what should be done with people who hurt kids

    • Kate

      No don’t put him with the lions it will make the lions sick he needs to go to prison with baby killer tattooed on his forehead

  • Rebecca Haggard

    The bottom line is that the mom should be arrested also. No sympathy for her whatsoever. The child had already healing injuries from before. She knew her boyfriend was being abusive to her daughter and possibly so was she. That needs to be investigated. Why is killing a child 2nd degree murder? They are defenseless and it breaks my heart.

  • bishop of rooks

    Maybe this IS what freedom is all about. Maybe this IS why you didn’t want to pay His Royal Highness a two-penny tax on your tea. Maybe that’s all America IS . . . maybe.


    If you give the keys to your car to a 17-year old kid and he wrecks it you have to ask yourself if you used good judgement in loaning him your car. If you leave your 2-year old daughter in the care of your 17-year old boyfriend and he kills her ……..?

    • bob

      But women cannot be held responsible for their choices. That is the message of feminism. No matter how stupid they are it’s always some man’s fault.

      The killer is responsible for his own actions. The child’s mother, for some reason, is NOT responsible for hers.

      That is the message of feminism: Woman are NOT really grown up adults because they are not responsible for themselves.

  • Marselita

    The “mother” of this child and the killer should both be tried in her death and both should be sterilized so never again will a child suffer with
    their stupidity


    It is so amazing how many people want to give a pass to a 20-year old mother dating a 17-year old boy. Could be worse; Mommy could be dating a 17-year old girl.

  • Celia

    Sterilize the Mother and the 17 year old. They clearly lack the impulse control and reasoning to be of any benefit to a child.


      It’s kinda like basketball Celia. The call is on the last person to touch the ball before it goes out of bounds. Mommy may have the morals of an alley cat but the boy is the only one who will be charged with killing the little girl.

      The mother will get a new boyfriend and a brand new baby to replace the old one.

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