State commission supports public aid for protesting county commissioner

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Commission on the Stewardship of Public Lands decided that the federal case against a San Juan County Commissioner is exhibit 'A' in their argument against federal control of public lands in Utah.

"These are fundamental issues that are at the core of the constitution," said State Sen. Scott Jenkins of Weber County, as he voted for a motion supporting Phil Lyman, the San Juan County Commissioner who led a protest ride through Recapture Canyon, an area near Blanding declared off-limits to motorized vehicles because of the presence of sensitive native artifacts.

Lyman was convicted of a federal misdemeanor charge in May and faces a sentencing hearing in July.

The move to give Lyman state support was spearheaded by Rep. Mike Noel of Kanab, who outlined the history of official recognition of the road through Recapture Canyon. Noel considers Lyman's conviction an injustice.

"It will have a chilling effect on other county commissioners, sheriffs, elected officials, legislators to exercise their duty to protect the health safety and welfare of the cities in their jurisdiction," Noel said.

The Commission's two Democrats opposed Noel's move, saying civil disobedience like Lyman's can be admirable, but it always comes with personal risk.

"You want to protest? Fine. Do the time!" said Sen. Jim Dabakis of Salt Lake City.

In the end, the committee voted along party lines to support a motion asking the state's Constitutional Defense Council to consider providing Lyman with financial support.

When asked the potential cost, Noel said it would be "no more than$100,000."


  • trevor

    I hope the government pulls federal funding from these small towns because it sounds like they don’t want the big bad government’s help with anything.

  • Troll_herd

    What happened to personal responsibility or getting the government out of our lives? If you can’t afford to do the time don’t do the crime.

    • bob

      It’s called Civil Disobedience. The hippies said that we have a moral obligation to violate unjust, illegal “laws.”

      I agree with them. Constitutional conservatives are the true LIBERALS. Today, just as they were 230 years ago.

      The Federal government has no right to the land within any State except under certain strict exceptions spelled out in the Constitution. The BLM has no legitimate legal authority over the land. We the People are entirely within our rights to ignore their edicts. They are nothing more than squatters.

    • bob

      When a Territory is admitted to the Union as a State, Federal authority over the land is ceded to the State.

      That’s what a “state” IS. By definition. The training wheels are taken off.

      That was always the case East of the Mississippi. Back when “The United States” actually meant something.

  • auijuii

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  • bob

    I’ve challenged many a liberal to show me where the Constitution authorizes the Federal government to own the physical land itself within any State.

    No takers so far.

    However, I can easily show them the EXCEPTIONS allowed in the Constitution for military reserves and a national capitol. (If the Constitution specifically spells out the exceptions, then why do liberals think exceptions are necessary?)

    And, when they fail, I can point them toward the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, which states very clearly and in easily understood English that the Federal government has no authority or rights that are not specifically granted to it by the Constitution.

    But I’m a right-wing racist neo-Nazi paranoid tinfoil hat-wearing nut job for believing that the Constitution means something.

  • Revoir

    We’re being forced off our land because it’s collateral to the Chinese and they don’t want us there.

    They have closed everything, and the few open places you find armed strong men asking what your doing there.

    We’ve been sold out long ago.

    We already passed HB 148 four years ago, demanding our land back, but it fell into nothingness and I haven’t heard a word about it.

    I guess everyone involved got educated about what’s really going on, and decided to spearhead a cavalcade of pointless legislation instead.

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