Clinton City issues boil order for water due to E. coli; incident is second in Davis County this weekend

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CLINTON CITY, Utah — Officials with Clinton City announced Saturday that a sample from the city’s water system has tested positive for E. coli, and residents have been told to either use bottled water or boil their water before ingesting it.

FOX 13 News received an automated phone message from Clinton City Saturday around 6:43 p.m., and the message stated E. coli had been found in the water supply. Residents are urged to boil water before ingesting it or use bottled water.

A Facebook post from Clinton City stated the E. coli was found Saturday and customers should assume the water is unsafe to drink unless it is boiled. Residents are encouraged to take precautions, including throwing out any ice cubes made with tap water.

The specific point of contamination has not been discovered. The post states: “Contamination may be from a cross connection with the secondary (irrigation) water. Superchlorination disinfection procedures have already begun, however, the water will not be safe to drink until further testing is completed.”

Officials stated updated information would be posted on the city’s website later. Click here to visit Clinton City’s website.

This is the second city in Davis County to issue a boil order this weekend, as nearby Syracuse City issued a boil order Friday night due to E. coli and coliform.


  • John

    Really clinton city this is now the 2nd time in one year this has happend. And you are also raising our water bills 5 bucks for the next 4 years. And now we can’t even use the water again. Awesome!

    • Cory

      Great job Clinton city! I can’t believe this is happening again. Maybe they can reimburse me for the filters I’m going to have to go buy again!

      • Laurie

        Why can’t they be held accountable for this? It is scary to think we have been drinking this water. We should not even have to pay our water bill until this issue is resolved.

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