Sen. Mike Lee says a right to same-sex marriage could threaten religious schools

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The Supreme Court has yet to announce anything, but Utah Senator Mike Lee is already planning how to blunt the effects of a decision establishing a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

Lee is reintroducing the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act, which failed to make any headway in 2013. The act would instruct the federal government not to act against a person who makes a decision based on religious conviction in support of traditional marriage.

"If the government recognizes a right to same-sex marriage, you could at some point have a move by the government, a move perhaps by the IRS, to remove the tax exempt status of any religiously affiliated educational institution," Lee said in a meeting with leaders of conservative Christian groups.

Troy Williams, executive director of Equality Utah, says Lee is fighting an unnecessary battle.

"We have clearly defined religious liberty in America, and the rights of religions are not going to be trampled on when loving, committed, same-sex couples have the freedom to marry who they love," Williams said.

The Supreme Court will issue a decision on same-sex marriage by the end of June.


  • Nero

    I worry about the sins that are bring called civil rights. it is going to the down fall of religion and this country as we know it.

      • JEWLZZZ

        You don’t say which part of the “community” you identify with Laker66441010. Did they turn down your request to be a boy scout leader?

  • Terence W.

    Utah already created the law for our state on both grounds. Enough is enough. Just let it be…stop pushing a law that already has made amazing progress in our state. This senator I wish would really understand the harm he does for the country

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