Officers forced to use Taser, pepper spray to tackle man accused of attacking them

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SALT LAKE CITY - A Utah man is recovering after police say he assaulted a few officers.

Officers said the suspect tried to start an argument with another man walking down the road near 3100 S. and 7th E. around midnight.

Police said when officers tried to approach the man, he charged at them.

Investigators said one officer used a Taser on the man but it seemed to have no effect.

Another officer used pepper spray but the man still did not go down.

Finally, a detective was able to tackle the man and he was then taken to the hospital.

The man's sister said he had been drinking before the incident and told officials he suffers from PTSD after two tours in Iraq.

Officers said the man will be charged with assaulting an officer.


  • Umm

    Love it when they say accused hahahaha that gives them the right to kill or shoot so they don’t get in trouble.. So lame so lame..

      • Cyn

        Did you not notice his hands were up when the officer attacked him from behind? Where is the video of him assaulting the officer? Strangely missing.


      Pull your head out UMM. The police were called after this “suspect” tried to start a fight with another man and then charged police. Nothing in this story says the police shot this suspect. The only thing lame here UMM is your comment.

      • TIFF

        I agree. I hope that if he really does have PTSD he gets appropriate treatment. My hubby has it but, more mild than this and it can be hard for them. We had a somewhat similar incident, my hubby wasn’t fighting with anyone he was just upset and he was respectful and complied, it resulted in a trip to the hospital and no charges. I still feel for this man though proper treatment is hard to come by through the VA. Truly hope he gets the help he needs.

      • Cyn

        He does truly have PTSD and is being treated. The problem is the VA keeps changing medication and discontinuing the meds that actually work. Sometimes it seems like they are experimenting with him.

  • Scott

    Detective snuck up from behind? The truth is the detective ran 40 yards at full speed while the suspect had had his hands up for 11 seconds. Spearing him Roman Reigns style in the kidneys. Funny that this video has been edited by Fox13 News to edit out the police brutality of this un-nessesary spear in the back.

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